If you run into an “AJAX HTTP request terminated abnormally error” when updating a Drupal 7 website, it may be because your .htaccess file does a redirect to your www.domain.com and the base_url in your settings.php file refers to domain.com, or vice-versa. I ran into this Drupal/AJAX problem yesterday, and found the solution here on drupal.org.

“A prototype is worth a thousand meetings.” ~ Mike Davidson, VP of Design, Twitter. For me, the most amazing thing about this quote is that I don’t like Twitter’s UI, and the UI also never changes. I was thinking a few days ago that they seem like they’re paralyzed (“paralysis through analysis”), seemingly afraid to change anything.

The inaugural Santa Fe Yoga Festival will be held at the end of August, 2014. More details are here on their website.

"The key to meditation is learning to stay." ~ Maria Scrivan

Sherlock Holmes, a high-functioning sociopath ... with your number.

As a quick note to self, the administration theme for one of my Drupal 7 websites was messed up, displaying as if the CSS was very wrong or missing. The problem was that my temporary Drupal directory had been deleted, and of course the solution was to re-create that directory.

This is a postcard I found in Santa Fe, New Mexico that shows “Indian symbols and their meanings.” I don’t know how accurate it is, but I thought I would research them one day.

I had a chance to watch part of this story (History of the Eagles) while traveling recently, and it was very good.

“You have to have an identity. Everybody talks about being tough, but it’s about the mental toughness. It’s about being able to do the monotonous things day in and day out. It’s about being technically sound. Toughness comes into how fast you can differentiate pass blocks vs. run block, knowing your keys. That’s the type of mental toughness they teach. We’re going to fly to the ball, we’re going to be physical and we’re going to take the ball away. That’s going to be our identity. You have to have that, and that’s how we practice. Everyone wants to be tough, but it’s not that physical (type) ... It’s doing the day-in and day-out, those monotonous things over and over and over and perfecting those.” ~ Jared Allen, Chicago Bears

A little bit of historical information on the American Indians who lived in the Boulder, Colorado area.

From the Georgia O’Keefe museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From a t-shirt I saw in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“You go through more iterations until you can simply deliver your message in a very concise way, and that is true to the Apple brand and everything we do,” recalled one person who took the course. ~ From this NY Times article on how Picasso’s The Bull helps Apple teach their style.

Doctor suggested a vacation after the cancer treatment, so I drove down to New Mexico, where the car broke down in the desert. (Toyota “quality” is very overrated.) I just got it towed back to Santa Fe. Tough year.

Siberian husky puppies, courtesy of the Seavey Ididaride Alaska Sled Dog Tours.

In his book, Introduction to Tantra, Lama Yeshe seems to describe “The Force” from Star Wars lore.

A good short story on the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla, from this link at The Oatmeal.

A funny moment from the tv series Life: “Did he ever have a head injury?”

The end of the poem, Ulysses, by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

I started reading the early release of the book, User Story Mapping, by Jeff Patton, and it looks like it’s going to be really good.