After reading that Apple was granted a patent for an iWatch/iTime device that includes “gestures,” it made me think of a company whose name I can’t remember, but they wanted to let you perform gestures in front of your Mac/Windows PC. If you could perform gestures in the air over your iWatch device, like in The Minority Report, that would be pretty cool.

Buddhist monks in flying training class. :) From this Twitter URL.

Happy Birthday, Edward Hopper, born July 22, 1882. Nighthawks is one of my favorite paintings.

A pilot in Anchorage, Alaska went rogue yesterday (July 21, 2014) and painted a smiley face in the sky. :)

One woman can make you fly like an eagle, another can give you the strength of a lion, but only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder and the wisdom that you have known a singular joy. ~ Twin Peaks

A great quote from Jonathan Ive about focusing on product, and how when you focus on product (design), everything else just falls into place. (Personally I think this is true when someone is clearly in charge, like when Steve Jobs was in charge, or now that Mr. Ive seems to be in charge of design and software.)

Football coach Rod Marinelli (formerly of the Bears, now of the Cowboys) talks about using repetition to build habits. (Text and image come from this espn article.)

Before the thyroid cancer and radiation treatment I could bench press the entire stack of weights. Today I can only do the amount shown. All I can say is that you do what you can do on any given day, and try and hope to keep getting better every day.

A funny movie review of Wizard of Oz that is going around the internet again.

The Alaska Dispatch News, founded in 2008, bought out the Anchorage Daily News within the last year. This is the first print edition of the “new” newspaper. (The website was changed over some time ago. Image from here.)

Roshi, by Leonard Cohen:

I never really understood
what he said
but every now and then
I find myself
barking with the dog
or bending with the irises
or helping out
in other little ways.

(I found this on the website.)

I thought this was a very interesting comment by Shinzen Young on this page of his website where he talks about meditation and aging.

I was reading through this email conversation between Charles Tart and Shinzen Young when I came across this statement by Shinzen Young: Consciousness == Sensory Experience. I’m pleased to read that, because that’s what I’ve been trying to tell people for the last year or two of my own practice.

I just read that James Garner passed away. I know he was in many good movies and tv shows, but I’ll always remember him in The Rockford Files. Every episode had at least one car chase, cigarette smoking, a phone call from a pay telephone, and drinking. In most episodes he was helping a “damsel in distress,” in which he often held her elbow (or upper arm) as they walked. I won’t say it was a great show, but for some reason (him), you just watch it. It was one of the first shows I watched when Netflix came around.

Chris Stevens, Northern Exposure - What is it about possessing things?

For about the third day since this all began, I feel relatively healthy and almost human. In fact, I haven’t felt this good since a doctor prescribed steroids for me a few months ago. Hopefully this means I’m on the mend.

Some interesting words from this article on Dogen’s time-being (uji):

“What do we mean by me, myself? Ultimately, if we contemplate this far enough, my self, my body, my position in space, and all that is involved with it, is all-inclusive. The whole world of location is involved – each and every place and thing.” If you really think about, ‘What is me? What is my self? Where do I end?’ I think that’s where you end up. You end up realizing that the self is all-inclusive, and each and every place and thing -- being as it is -- is time. So the self is actually all of space and time.”

I discovered the Bunny Buddhism website (and writer) today. I love its simplicity.

After a long day of work I had climbed into bed, looking for a good night’s sleep, when suddenly my iPhone began making some bizarre, very unexpected noise. When I picked up the phone and looked at it, I saw an AMBER alert in Oklahoma had triggered an alert on my iPhone.