My favorite song of the moment, Chopin: Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 in B flat minor:

This is a funny quote from a book titled, Winter Moon something something. It’s funny that someone can make remarks like this about a great Zen Master. You probably can’t get away with that in other spiritual traditions.

From a translation of the Tao Te Ching:

The master, by residing in the Tao (the Way),
sets an example for all beings.

Because he doesn’t display himself,
people can see his light.

Because he has nothing to prove,
people can trust his words.

Because he doesn’t know who he is,
people recognize themselves in him.

(I recommend that third stanza in particular for people who are interested in consulting.)

From this Dead Zone episode:

“I have found that to deny who you are is much more painful than to confront what you hate about yourself. It takes courage to face yourself but I was too weak to admit how weak I was. Guilt drove me to silence, and guilt forced me to the truth. It is something that we should embrace because it is the only weapon our morality has to wield against us when we forget ourselves.”

I was just reading this article about John Mellencamp on IndyStar, and somewhere around the eigth paragraph I learned about his song Longest Days, which was praised by Bob Dylan. Here’s the song on YouTube:

Here are the lyrics on

A few good Mellencamp quotes from the article:

“I would rather have Bob say something in front of the entire music business like he did,” Mellencamp said. “Bob doesn’t say anything that doesn’t come from an intellectual place or from his heart.”

“(In 1988) We were the best band in the world,” he said. “There’s no question about it. We were doing something that nobody had ever done before with accordions and violins. The hits were hits all over the world. I knew that we were great, and I was miserable.”

“At this point in my life, anything I do is strictly for myself,” he said. “If I’m enjoying it, I’ll do it. If I don’t think I’m going to enjoy it, I won’t do it.”

No need to make a fuss, said Mellencamp, who strives to follow advice given by late folk-music icon Pete Seeger: “Keep it small and keep it going. Turn yourself into a three-ring circus, and you’ll be forgotten immediately.”

“I’m in the Bob Dylan way of life,” he said. “Let’s just keep slugging.”

A beautiful shot of houseboats on the Gastineau channel in Juneau, Alaska. Image from this Facebook page.

I just ran into a problem where the putStr function in Haskell was not printed out in the order I wanted it to be. I wanted to prompt a user for input, then read their input, but the putStr output didn’t appear until later, after I hit the Enter key. (putStr is preferred here over putStrLn because it does not add a newline character after the output.)

“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein

This is a few months old now, but this is from the original story:

“We have a pretty special puppy that needs to find a home,” Andrea wrote in that Craigslist ad. “‘General’ is a pure bred Siberian Husky, black/white with bi-eyes. He was born as a runt, and has some deformity in his front paws. He is missing the ulna bone in each arm and the humerus bone in his left arm is not formed correctly.

“While he is not able to walk, he does a great job of getting around and is not shy about playing rough with his siblings. He is able to stand upright on his back paws which is absolutely adorable!

“He is ten weeks old and is able to get himself up on his back paws and sits. He scoots himself around and can eat and drink without help. House training is slow but progressing. He loves to be with other dogs and will roll around on the floor playing with his siblings. We really wish we could keep him, but with school and working full time, we do not have the ability to give him the adequate time, attention, and money that he will require.”

Albert Einstein often sounds like a Buddhist. I was very surprised to learn that he said this.

Ah, the adorable puppy head tilt. :) (Based on an image search, this appears to be created by Mark Parisi.)

“Are you familiar with Sun Tzu?” (Michael Clarke Duncan, The Finder)

I’m not trying to make any political statements here, I’m just amazed at this number.

I did a little research, and it seems to be true. There are about 30,000 deaths in the U.S. per year related to guns.

This is a photo of some inspiring tile artwork from an oncologist’s office. (I blurred out the name for privacy.)

“Confront your demons, or be pwned by them.”

“Shilo, when I was young, I used to call your name,” sings Neil Diamond (aka, Neily D). This is a photo of a wolf named Shilo, from the Lakota Wolf Preserve Facebook page.

I was thinking about energy last night, and did some searches for “pure energy,” when I came across this post on See that post if you’re interested in the subject. Or see this YouTube video if you’re interested in the 1980s song/video featuring Mr. Spock saying “pure energy” several times. :)

If a cat knocked on a door, I’d let it in. Image from this Twitter page.

I really struggle with equanimity, so this is a nice discussion on equanimity vs indifference, by Jack Kornfield. It comes from this page on his website.

Scala FAQ: What does the use of three questions marks (???) in Scala mean?

The syntax of using three question marks in Scala lets you write a not-yet implemented method, like this:

def createWorldPeace = ???

The methods you define can also take arguments and declare a return type, like this: