A funny “down on the farm” ad/video featuring Chicago Cubs rookie Kris Bryant:

In sad news, the Motherlode Lodge burned down in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. I used to drive past it 5-10 times each summer, and I always thought that if I had enough money I would have liked to re-open it. A little story and video is here on adn.com.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon: “I think the fans, the folks who watch the game closely, they understand the importance of accepting your walks. You don’t look for your walk; you accept your walk.” (I like to think I was 25 years ahead of my time in this regard.)

A few days ago the plan was to euthanize the black bears roaming around the Government Hill neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska, but Governor Bill Walker called the Fish & Game Department to see if something else could be done, and now the bears are going to be relocated to an area about 60 miles southeast to an area known as Portage Valley. The full story is here at adn.com.

No accounting of this day would be complete without mentioning the snow. We’re expecting about an inch of snow today, with rain, possible lightning, and a high of 45F.

As I’ve come to learn over the last ten days, the hard part about diverticulitis isn’t necessarily the first “attack” (for lack of a better term), but trying to figure out what you can and can’t eat after this happens. This image from the Mayo Clinic website shows what you should eat initially. In theory you’re supposed to transition back to a high-fiber diet after a few days, and that’s the part I’m struggling with as I write this on April 16, 2015.

I don’t listen to a lot of counry music, but I like this song, “Use What I Got,” by Jason Aldean, because of its message: Don’t worry about what you don’t have, use what you do have.

I learned about this song because they played it when Jon Lester of the Cubs warmed up a few nights ago. (This is the Jon Lester who is now infamous for never throwing to first base to try to pick off a runner.)

In my case I always wish I had a memory. I describe my brain as having a reasonably fast CPU, but what feels like almost zero RAM. In school, for example, if we had open book tests I could always get an “A,” but if we had to memorize a bunch of things I was hosed.

So for those reasons I can appreciate this song:

I just found this information on Android logging, debugging, and tracing on this page about signing your Android app.

As a quick note today, here’s a little Java method that I use to log Android memory use from an Activity or Fragment:

private void logMemoryInfo(Context context, String TAG) {
   ActivityManager activityManager = (ActivityManager) context.getSystemService(getActivity().ACTIVITY_SERVICE);
   int memoryClass = activityManager.getMemoryClass();
   ActivityManager.MemoryInfo memoryInfo = new ActivityManager.MemoryInfo();

   Log.i(TAG, "\n------------ RAM -------------");
   Log.i(TAG, "mem class: " + memoryClass);
   Log.i(TAG, "mem avail: " + memoryInfo.availMem);
   Log.i(TAG, "low mem:   " + memoryInfo.lowMemory);
   Log.i(TAG, "threshold: " + memoryInfo.threshold);

   long mb = 1024*1024;
   Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
   Log.i(TAG, "Used Memory:  " + (runtime.totalMemory() - runtime.freeMemory()) / mb);
   Log.i(TAG, "Free Memory:  " + runtime.freeMemory()  / mb);
   Log.i(TAG, "Total Memory: " + runtime.totalMemory() / mb);
   Log.i(TAG, "Max Memory:   " + runtime.maxMemory()   / mb);

When I was young I came across a book that I think was called The Inner Game of Tennis. In it, the author said the same thing that Nikola Mirotic’s teammates told him: When playing sports, don’t think, just play. (Note: The author of the tennis book has a more-recent book out titled, The Inner Game of Work.)

A few days ago I found this black paint that “turns any surface into a chalkboard.” I’ve been painting the backs of some cheap cabinets, whose backs are now exposed after I moved some furniture around. If you know me, you know I like to have surfaces I can write on. :)

“Do not think that enlightenment is going to make you special, it’s not. If you feel special in any way, then enlightenment has not occurred. I meet a lot of people who think they are enlightened and awake simply because they have had a very moving spiritual experience. They wear their enlightenment on their sleeve like a badge of honor. They sit among friends and talk about how awake they are while sipping coffee at a cafe. The funny thing about enlightenment is that when it is authentic, there is no one to claim it.” ~ Emptiness Dancing, by Adyashanti

This website has the best discussion I’ve found on how to rename a directory in Git.

What I’ll be watching tonight: A video about “Writing Zippy Android Apps,” from Google I/O 2010:

If you ever want to publish an Android app on the Google Play Store, you need to prepare for release, including following the guidelines in the Publishing Checklist for Google Play.

As a quick note to self, this is how I just created an Android AsyncTask with “Void, Void, Void” parameters:

private class DeleteImagesTask extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void> {
    protected Void doInBackground(Void... params) {
        return null;
    protected void onPostExecute(Void param) {

A family of black bears has been wandering around an area of Anchorage, Alaska known as Government Hill:

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If you can’t see that video for some reason, here’s a link to it on ktuu.com.

A polar bear cub gets a ride from mom, somewhere in the Arctic. Image from The Alaska Life Facebook page.

This page on the Android developer’s blog shows what is just about the simplest possible AsyncTask you can create, which is exactly what I needed just now. I started testing my Android app with StrictMode enabled this morning, and it was kind enough to remind me that I was doing some file I/O on the main thread, which is a no-no; hence the AsyncTask.

It sounds like Colorado State’s Garrett Grayson has learned how to play quarterback. The text shown is from this denverpost.com article.