If you ever need to display an image in a Java JEditorPane, where that JEditorPane contains HTML content, this solution should work:

This is a photo of Tim Hudson’s changeup grip, courtesy of FoxSports and MLB.

This is a photo of Tim Hudson’s split-finger fastball grip, courtesy of FoxSports and MLB.

This image comes from this article. I don’t like the fold approach at all, but it shows a nice way to use map instead of match/case when processing an Option in Scala.

“Novice engineers have not yet grokked this: the number of modes or options in your system is the *exponent* in how hard it is to maintain.” ~ @zooko

“When detectives start to try and solve a crime, they build visuals on a wall. No PowerPoints.” ~ Jeff Patton

From my collection of, “Signs you’ll find in Colorado.” It’s getting to be that time of year again.

“Eliminate the ways you beat yourself.” ~ Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls head coach

Peyton Manning wasn’t too happy with the Denver Broncos scoreboard operator during their Thursday night game against San Diego, and apparently he put a job posting on Craigslist for that position. (Ad actually created by Jeff Darlington.)

This is cool. I used to prefer PostgreSQL/Postgres over MySQL, but guys at my company preferred MySQL. I’m glad to see Postgres is still around. Here’s a link to the story on ReadWrite.

Scala FAQ: What is the difference between Nil and List() in Scala?

Short answer: There isn’t any difference, as shown in the Scala REPL:

scala> Nil == List()
res0: Boolean = true

It’s more “idiomatic Scala” Scala to use Nil rather than List(). For instance, I wrote code like this last night using Nil in a Scala match/case expression:

“What is an I/O Action?" From the book, Real World Haskell.

Wow, the following code might be the largest Scala SBT build.sbt configuration file I’ve ever seen. It comes from this project.

Here’s the build.sbt file contents:

I received an email from the O’Reilly folks stating that they’re having a sale on “Top 25 five-star” eBooks and videos (including the Scala Cookbook). Here’s a link to their sale.

“The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but escaping from the old ones.”

I just learned about the Atreus curved, wooden keyboard from this tweet.

Summary: In this article I share an approach I used to make a condensed version of a PDF book by printing only the first two sentences of each paragraph in the book. In the long term I hope this will help me create a “CliffsNotes” version of the book.

A photo of JFK’s appointment book during the Cuban missile crisis. Photo from this Twitter page.

Scientists object to the marketing claims made by brain game makers. More info here at stanford.edu.

At the 2014 Buddhist Geeks Conference, Mikey Siegel offered this “thought exercise” on the end game of the Meditation+Technology movement. That is, if everyone was incredibly successful with the all the new technology efforts, this is as simple as “enlightenment” can possibly be. (I don’t know if you can achieve enlightenment without effort, but I suppose this is an ideal.)