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Yesterday’s regex - Was I drunk, or a genius? From Geek & Poke’s cartoons.

Yesterday's regex - Was I drunk, or a genius?

While looking for something else this morning, I ran across this old photo. I never could grow a full beard.

Alvin Alexander, the college years

When I originally saw the first image, I thought it was a “This would be nice in Scala 3 (Dotty)” idea. But then I found the “No parentheses in control structures” pull request shown in the second image. Here’s a link to that pull request.

Scala 3: No parentheses in control structures

I bought a fig at the grocery store today. They’re about the size of a Hershey’s Kiss. The checkout person just looked at me. “One fig? You want to buy one fig?”

“Yes, just one. I want to see what they taste like.”

She put the fig in the bag without weighing it. “I’m pretty sure I can give you one fig without charging you for it,” she said.

A Boulder, Colorado sunset (over the Rocky Mountains), October 18, 2012.

A Boulder, Colorado sunset (over the Rocky Mountains)

Had my first nightmare in many years, and woke up crying. I had just been told that one of my favorite people on Earth had died, and I was being told over the phone how it happened.

The short story is that there had been a bad storm, and trees and power lines were down. Two friends were driving on Bardstown Road, and they were side-swiped by a yellow car that presumably kept going (as a hit-and-run). Nobody was hurt at that point, but the two people got out of the vehicle to inspect the damage to their car, and that’s when the death occurred.

I don’t know how it happened, because in my dream I was starting to lose the phone connection, but I assume they were hit after they got out of the vehicle.

Another cross-country move, another bean bag chair left with Goodwill.

~ September 1, 2011

Back in 2009 I went on a yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico, and thanks to a glitch in the scheduling, I stayed in this muy expensivo honeymoon suite on the top of the mountain.

Yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico

A young girl working in a doctor’s office was kind enough to refer to me as an “old guy” a few days ago. Yesterday I watched the first Firefly episode and laughed when I saw Shepherd Book referred to as “grandpa” several times. (“I never married,” he muttered in reply to Kaylee.)

~ March 27, 2014

Oooh, grandpa

While the Super Bowl was a disaster (from a Denver, Colorado, perspective), I’ll try to remember February 2, 2014, as the day I watched Love Actually. Still a favorite quote:

“Okay, dad. Let’s do it. Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

Let’s go get the ---- kicked out of us by love

This photo was taken somewhere in British Columbia, Canada. I know where, but I’m not telling. :) The thing I don’t know is whether these trees are Aspen or Cottonwood or White Birch. I suspect that they are White Birch or Paper Birch, but I could easily be wrong, as I haven’t looked into it much, and didn’t ask any of the locals.

Aspen or Cottonwood trees, somewhere in Canada

My disability fraud neighbor finally got a job. I'd like to think it had something to do with my motivational speaking, but I think what really happened was that he needed some money to go on a date.

~ a note from Wasilla, Alaska, August 31, 2010

“Encourage the quest for happiness in your children, even if it takes them very far away from you.”

~ I don’t remember the source of this quote, but I like it

Here’s a little view of a road in the mountains of Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Road in the mountains, Hatcher Pass, Alaska

It's a little disconcerting to walk up to the car repair shop and see some dude driving down the road in my car, window down, sipping a 32-ounce drink from a straw, and generally looking comfortable. They really took my “drive it as much as you need to” comment seriously.

~ Wasilla, Alaska, August 30, 2010

Here’s a quick example of how to use Scala 3 (Dotty) enums, including using them as constructor and method parameters, and in a match expression. First, some Scala 3 enums for a pizza store application:

Here’s my latest favorite coffee mug, given to me by a friend, and filled with some organic espresso this afternoon.

(And if you like coffee mugs, you might also like my article, How to design products people love.)

Latest favorite coffee mug (squirrel)

When I woke up last night it was a little windy outside, so I decided to unplug my MacBook Pro because the power tends to flicker here. When I picked up the MacBook I noticed that it was very warm, even though the lid was closed and it was in sleep mode. This morning I decided to dig into the “Why is my MacBook hot even though the lid is closed and it’s in sleep mode” question.

CNBC has a good YouTube story about why Tim Horton’s struggles in the United States (despite great success in Canada).

Why Tim Horton’s struggles in the United States