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The MySQL SHOW INDEX command

For a long time I couldn't remember how to show the indexes for a database table with MySQL, but I think it's finally sunk in. Just use the MySQL SHOW INDEX command, like this:

show index from node;

That example can be read as, "Show the indexes from the database table named node". It assumes that you have already selected a database table, so really, a full sequence of commands to show a MySQL database table index looks like this:

iptables restart tip - How to make your Linux iptables firewall automatically restart after a reboot

iptables restart FAQ: How do I make my iptables firewall start/restart after I reboot my Linux system?

I was going to write a tutorial about configuring a firewall on a Linux system using iptables, but then I found this great CentOS iptables tutorial, and I think they really nailed it.

The only thing I think they didn't fully cover is how you get your Linux iptables firewall to start up again properly after your Linux system is rebooted (which is kind of a huge deal). To that end, I thought I'd describe the process of getting your iptables firewall to restart after a system reboot.

And -- as an added bonus -- this same process will help you get any Linux service to automatically start after a reboot.

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