JBuilder Open Tools - Some of the best JBuilder "Open Tools"?

JBuilder Open Tools question: Can you tell me some of the best JBuilder Open Tools?

Sure. From the Borland Conference 2001, here is a list of the Top-10 Open Tools for JBuilder:

  1. JB Memory Monitor
  2. Number Line
  3. SWL Brace Highlighting
  4. Clippy
  5. GetSetCreator
  6. StructureSynchronizer
  7. JBMacro
  8. SynchronizeProjectView
  9. SyntaxChecker
  10. JRefactory
  11. New Class|Interface Toolbar

You can look these tools up at Borland's Open Tools repository, hidden extremely well by Borland at this location.

Once you go to this location, you can get an idea of what open tools are most popular at any given date/time.