JBuilder - How do I set bookmarks in my files?

When using JBuilder, you can set bookmarks in your open files to easily move back-and-forth between these files. For example, suppose you have five files open at one time, but for a little while you just want to move back and forth between File1.java and File2.java. Bookmarks let you do this. You set one bookmark in File1.java, and another bookmark in File2.java.

Because you set bookmarks at specific line numbers, you also go right back to the same line each time you move back and forth.

Okay, so how do I set a bookmark?

Go to the line number you want to bookmark in the file you want to bookmark. Assuming you are using JBuilder's default CUA editor, I set the first bookmark using [Shift][Ctrl]1. When you do so you will see a little bookmark icon appear at the line you are on.

To set a bookmark in your second file, move to that file and do the same thing, but set that bookmark using [Shift][Ctrl]2 (and so on).

Cool. Okay, so now how do I move back and forth with these bookmarks?

Use [Ctrl]1 to move back to the first bookmark, [Ctrl]2 to go to the second bookmark, etc. The same as the keystroke you used to set the bookmark, just without the [Shift] key.

So this is really cool. I can even move back to my bookmark when I'm somewhere else in the same file.

So now that I have these bookmarks, how do I remove them?

Use [Ctrl]1 to move back to your first bookmark. Then hit [Shift][Ctrl]1 to remove that bookmark.

You can also just leave them alone, and they will go away when you close the files they are set in.