Can't delete a Mac burn folder - problem solved

Mac problem: Can't delete a Mac burn folder. (Problem solved.)

I just had a problem on Mac OS X where I couldn't delete a Mac burn folder. Something happened during the process of trying to burn a DVD ... frankly I can't remember what the problem was. (I had one problem with a DVD during the verification process, so that may have been it.)

Regardless of how it happened, this problem left me with a Mac burn folder on my desktop named "Untitled DVD.fpbf" that I can't delete. Every time I try to delete the burn folder by dragging it to the trash can I get this error message:

The operation cannot be completed because the item "Untitled DVD.fpbf" is locked.

Can't delete Mac burn folder - Problem solved

It took me a little while to figure out this Mac burn folder problem, but the solution is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Click the Mac burn folder once on your desktop to select it.
  • Press the keystroke [Apple][i] to bring up the "Get Info" dialog for the file.
  • If the "General" panel isn't already open, click the flippy triangle to open it.
  • On this panel there is a checkbox named "Locked", and in this case it is checked. Click it to de-select it, then close the dialog.
  • Drag the Mac burn folder to the trash can and you should be able to delete it now.

Can't delete Mac burn folder - Summary

I hope this solution to the "Can't delete a Mac burn folder" problem has been helpful. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, just leave a note in the Comments section below.



I know this was posted up about 2 years ago, just to let you know it helped me and thank you.


Thanks for the tip. This worked! Thank you.


Thanks for posting this, it worked for me too - can't believe I didn't think of this myself. My case was a little different (I could delete the folder but got an error message when trying to empty the trash) but it worked anyway.


Had the same problem except my folder was not on my desk top. I clicked and dragged off the finder, held down the *command* key and the little cloud popped up and I let go and it went away.

Hope this helps


My 3 problematic fpbf folders wouldn't let me highlight them or find them any way that I could figure. Fortunately, I kept reading posts until I came to the one titled above and it worked. Thanks, Anonymous, if you ever read this!


Exactly as described by Anonymous and rexv. Was in the left panel of the Finder - the instructions worked perfectly as described. This little annoyance had been irritating for months (!) - THANK you, Anonymous. Much appreciated.