Wed, July 7, 2004 (hyperbolic trees; support issues)

Here's a link to a cool "Green plant hyperbolic tree demo". Don't give up on it too quick. If you start exploring the tree, especially by following the Moniliformopses path, you'll start to see some very interesting power here. I'm looking for a new menu/navigation paradigm, and a co-worker sent me down this road.

In other news, here's a recent conversation between me and a Support Guy ("SG" for short):

  • Me: The XYZ service is broke for us. It used to work, but it started acting up.
  • SG: It's not broke.
  • Me: Yes, it is broke. I just have a guy back at the home office doing stuff to get around it, and it's getting inconvenient for him to do this all the time.
  • SG: Okay, so have him teach everyone else at your office how to do this.
  • Me: You're missing the point. This used to work, and now it doesn't. Can't you just fix it?
  • SG: I checked the server logs, and we have not had any down time.
  • Me: Just because it's running doesn't mean it's running right.
  • SG: Here is a process you can follow ...
  • Me: But it used to work, and I was just wondering if you could fix it? Hello ...