How to forward from a Java servlet to a JSP

Here's a quick example that shows a complete method that I use in a Java servlet to forward to a JSP (JavaServer Page).

Just pass the method an HttpServletRequest, an HttpServletResponse, and a URL, and you're in business. Note that my JSP url string typically looks something like "/myPage.jsp".

private void forwardToPage(final HttpServletRequest request, 
                           final HttpServletResponse response,
                           String url) 
throws IOException, ServletException
  RequestDispatcher dispatcher = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher(url);

If you need to perform a redirect from a servlet to a JSP instead, I've also written a short "How to redirect from a servlet to a JSP" tutorial.

I'll try to post information here on the difference between a forward and a redirect soon.

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