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A Linux shell script to rename files

Here's one of my favorite Linux shell scripts. I use it to change the extensions of a bunch of files all at once, i.e., to batch rename multiple files with one command.

For instance, I just had a situation where I got a bunch of files with an extension of .PNG, using capital letters like that. That's no big deal if you have a few files to deal with, but what if you have 200 or more? That's where this script, named mmv, comes in.

Using my shell script is really simple, like this:

Career advice: Two sports quotes about work and talent

I realy like this quote from baseball pitcher Jason Marquis, talking about Tony LaRussa, Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals:

"One thing Tony (La Russa) always preached over there was execution and minimizing mental mistakes. You don't have to have the most talented team to do that and it doesn't take the most talented team to win."

In baseball and in work I think this is true. It's similar to this quote from Mike Ditka:

Mac Terminal - disable blinking text

Working on my Mac OS X system, when I use the ls command on a remote system, that system is configured to show blinking text for all files ending with the ".sh" filename extension. If you've ever had to look at blinking text when trying to read output from an ls command you know that can be really annoying. (Is there ever a time that blinking text isn't annoying?)

So, to disable blinking text in the Mac OS X Terminal application just follow these steps:

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