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JSP CGI - A JSP that prints the equivalent of CGI variables

I created a JSP this morning that prints out the equivalent of most traditional CGI parameters. Sometimes I use these to debug a problem, other times I use them within JSP/servlet code for other non-debug purposes.

Here's the Java source code for my JSP CGI page, which I named cgiParams.jsp. As you can see, most of these variables come from the JSP request object:

Mac default application configuration

Okay, I think I finally have some of the Mac default application file-open stuff figured out. I think the properly-phrased question that led me to this answer is: How do I configure my Mac OS X to automatically open a file (with a given filename extension) with a default application of my choosing?

In this short tutorial I'll show you how to configure your Mac to open files with the programs you want them to be opened with.

Frustrations with the Mac "Open With..." menu

Ever since I got my Mac I've been wondering how the "Open With..." menu item works. This is the menu item you see when you right-click a file icon.

My particular situation is that I like to use several different applications to edit HTML files, but none of them are named DivX, BuildApplet, QuickTime, Help Viewer, etc. So I want to get all of those choices out of my popup menu.

eXtreme GUI Software Testing (Part 2)

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry (eXtreme GUI Testing, Part 1) I've been motivated to work on a project in my spare time, and I'd like to start leaking the details here.

For lack of a better name I'm currently calling this project eXtreme GUI Tester, or XGT for short. As its name implies, this is an application (actually a suite of applications) that hopes to make automated GUI testing a little more of a reality.

Changeup lessons from a 13-year-old kid

I wonder how many times perfect lessons are right in front of our face that we never see?

A 13-year-old kid throwing a changeup

For some reason this year I've woken up at least six times in the middle of the night dreaming about how to throw a changeup, or wishing that I had learned to throw a changeup when I was a pitcher in high school. I probably wasn't very good, but I wasn't too bad either, and if I didn't have arthritis at age 18 I might have pitched a little in college.

On being Microsoft-free in retirement

Since leaving corporate America in May of this year I found it interesting to look up one day and realize that I don't need Microsoft products for anything in my life. It turns out that there's not much intersection between (a) the life of a semi-retired person and (b) needs for spreadsheets, formatted text documents, and presentation software. And on the two occasions I did need to write letters to an insurance company Open Office on the Mac worked just fine, thank you.

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