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Mac OS X Finder keyboard shortcuts

Mac OS X Finder FAQ: What keyboard shortcuts can I use with the Mac OS X Finder?

Mac OS X Finder keyboard shortcuts (keystrokes)

Wow, once I learned a few Mac OS X Finder keyboard shortcuts, I like the Finder much more. It was freaking me out that the [Enter] key doesn't actually open a file or directory, it just lets you change the name. The keystrokes are much different than Windows, and it takes a while to get used to them. But once you start using them they're easy to remember.

A simple software process review saves time

A few days ago I sat down and talked to myself (you can do that a lot in a small cabin in Alaska) and tried to think if there were any ways I could be more productive.

The biggest thing that was bothering me (the problem statement) was the time it takes after I've "finished" writing a long, multi-page tutorial before it can be published. I prefer writing longer tutorials, but they do take a fair amount of effort.

A Linux shell script to rename files

Here's one of my favorite Linux shell scripts. I use it to change the extensions of a bunch of files all at once, i.e., to batch rename multiple files with one command.

For instance, I just had a situation where I got a bunch of files with an extension of .PNG, using capital letters like that. That's no big deal if you have a few files to deal with, but what if you have 200 or more? That's where this script, named mmv, comes in.

Using my shell script is really simple, like this:

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