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On being Microsoft-free in retirement

Since leaving corporate America in May of this year I found it interesting to look up one day and realize that I don't need Microsoft products for anything in my life. It turns out that there's not much intersection between (a) the life of a semi-retired person and (b) needs for spreadsheets, formatted text documents, and presentation software. And on the two occasions I did need to write letters to an insurance company Open Office on the Mac worked just fine, thank you.

Wed, Jul 4, 2007 (New look and feel)

The 4th of July delivers a new look and feel for this blog, as well as huge changes to the main Java page for the site.

I've been working mostly on Java/Swing/JFC projects for the last several years, so I haven't done a lot with CSS lately. But one thing I will say is that I've bent over for IE6 just as much as I care to right now. Maybe my CSS skills need a lot of work, but hey, I'm not doing any rocket science here. From what I've seen Swing on Java is just as portable as CSS on different platforms. That's my whine for the day.

Wed, Jun 27, 2007 (Comments about John Edwards)

Hey, I'm not a John Edwards fan myself, and I wouldn't know Ann Coulter if she was standing at my front door, but anyone that says something like this is sick:

"If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."
Ann Coulter

Ms. Coulter, you need to get yourself some help.


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