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How I Estimate Software Development Projects (free PDF)

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken a little time here and there to put my notes on software cost estimating together, and the end result is a free, 100-page PDF that I’m sharing here today. The PDF covers most everything I know about the art and science of estimating the time and cost of software development projects.

At the moment I can’t think of too much to add to the book, as I cover a lot of ground in the book’s Preface, and in its “Three Lessons.” So, without any further ado, here is the download link for the book:

Creating a Thread (and Runnable) in Scala

I ran into a strange problem this weekend where I noticed a huge difference between the way a Scala Future and a Thread worked for the exact same problem. I think I’m pretty aware of the obvious differences between futures and threads, so this really caught me by surprise. If/when I figure out why there was such a difference in behavior for the given problem I’ll post that information here.

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