Android User Interface Design: Table Layouts

This link is a good tutorial on using the Android TableLayout, including using TableRow.

It’s important to note the concerns they save for last, however:

Although table layouts can be used to design entire user interfaces, they usually aren't the best tool for doing so, as they are derived from LinearLayout and not the most efficient of layout controls. If you think about it, a TableLayout is little more than an organized set of nested LinearLayouts, and nesting layouts too deeply is generally discouraged for performance concerns. However, for data that is already in a format suitable for a table, such as spreadsheet data, table layout may be a reasonable choice.

Also, table layout data may vary based upon screen sizes and resolutions. It’s generally a good design practice to ensure you enable scrolling when displaying large quantities of data. For example, if the weather example used earlier also included a “write-up” of the conditions, this text might be one sentence or twenty sentences, so enabling vertical and/or horizontal scrolling would be prudent.