Roger Federer on serving and volleying at Wimbledon

Roger Federer on serving and volleying more at Wimbledon 2014:

"I remember still how I played in 2001 when I made it to the quarters here," Federer recalled during Wimbledon. "I serve and volleyed 80 percent on the first serve, 30 to 50 percent on the second serve? It was just normal.

"I even did some in 2003 when I won first here. Then, every year I started doing less because the game started changing on the tour, really."

"I think [top] guys return a bit better these days. I think it might be a touch slower as well," said Federer, adding there was also an element of habit. "Because those guys are looking for the rallies, you tend to just also do it because it's comfortable; it's nice to stay back there, serve, wait, hit the big forehand."

Two factors are driving Federer's forward shift. One is Stefan Edberg, whom Federer has brought on as coach this season. The Swede is widely seen as one of the greatest net players of all time, and brings a lot of old-fashioned volleying know-how to Federer's team as well as psychological encouragement.

Federer agrees that Edberg has influenced how much he serves and volleys or comes in. "Or maybe just reinforce the concept that it is possible, that I can actually do it," said Federer.

The second adjustment is his serving. "I think also the racket is helping me to serve overall more powerful, higher percentage," said Federer.