The Red Hat ethos

The URL contains a statement of the Red Hat ethos. A couple of good quotes:

Open source is a development model, not a business model. Red Hat is in the enterprise software business and is a leading provider to the Global 500. Enterprise customers need products, not projects and it’s incumbent on vendors to know the difference. Open source projects are hotbeds of innovation and thrive on constant change. These projects are where sometimes constant change happens, where the development is done.

Enterprise customers value this innovation, but they also rely on stability and long-term support that a product can give. The stable, supported foundation of a product is what then enables those customers to deliver their own innovations and serve their own customers.

Too often, we see open source companies who don’t understand the difference between projects and products. In fact, many go out of their way to conflate the two. In a rush to deliver the latest and greatest innovations, as packaged software or public cloud services, these companies end up delivering solutions that lack the stability, reliability, scalability, compatibility and all the other “ilities” or non-functional requirements that enterprise customers rely on to run their mission-critical applications.

Red Hat understands the difference between projects and products.