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React Conf (Conference), 2014. November 18-21, in San Francisco.

React is unlike other conferences. It will bring together a small but highly influential group of developers to explore and discuss the fundamental principles of the Reactive Manifesto and why they are important for the new generation of systems being developed. There is no call for papers - instead we have...

I learned about Denali Foldager in this article, then found her website at the link shown. She’s from Seward, Alaska, is a long-distance runner, and has battled drug and alcohol addiction.

A good story on Peyton Manning’s off-season work ethic.

Roger Federer on serving and volleying more at Wimbledon 2014:

"I remember still how I played in 2001 when I made it to the quarters here," Federer recalled during Wimbledon. "I serve and volleyed 80 percent on the first serve, 30 to 50 percent on the second serve? It was just normal.

"I even did some in 2003 when I won first here. Then, every year I started...

An interesting article on how to beat panic attacks with mindfulness techniques.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Brendan Gregg, I'm a senior performance architect at Netflix, and do large scale computer performance design, analysis, and tuning. Performance tuning improves the customer experience and saves the company money, by doing more with fewer resources. I also write technical books, contribute to open source projects, and speak at technical...

Tectonic forces along northern Colorado's front range created ripples that forced rock layers to bulge and compress, creating anticlines - or convex folds on the earth's surface. As the bulging anticlines' softer sediments eroded, only hard ridges - known as Hogbacks - remained from previously rounded hilltops between the eastern plains and Rocky Mountain uplift. Mt Sanitas is one...

After nine years of research, Numenta finally has apps that mimic the way the brain works.

Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky started Numenta nine years ago to create software that was modeled after the way the human brain processes information. It has taken longer than expected, but the Redwood City, Calif.-based startup recently held an open house to show how much progress it has made....

A person close to Apple said it is natural that a bigger Apple would broaden its portfolio. "I think Steve would have been saying yes to more things if he were still running the company," said this person, who noted that while Mr. Jobs was an intuitive decision maker, knowing what he liked and didn't like immediately, his snap decisions sometimes led to errors in judgment. Mr....

The real promise of 3-D printing isn’t about manufacturing products for everyone. It’s about manufacturing products for just one person. Some people call this idea “mass customization.”

Normal is a new company that makes custom, personalized earphones (earbuds, actually) for $199. With the Normal iOS and Android app starting today, you’ll be able...

Code cache tips:

  • Avoid iteration over heterogeneous sequence of objects with virtual calls. If we have sequence of heterogeneous objects the best thing would be to sort them by type so that executing virtual function of one object will lead to fetching code which can be used by the next object.
  • Make fast paths using branch-free sequences of code Inline cautiously.

“Testing an HTTP Library can become difficult sometimes. Postbin is fantastic for testing POST requests, but not much else. This exists to cover all kinds of HTTP scenarios. Additional endpoints are being considered. All endpoint responses are JSON-encoded.”

In his book, "Mastery," Robert Greene draws from the latest research, interviews modern masters, and examines the lives of former greats like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mozart to discover what it takes to achieve excellence. He argues that success is within anyone's reach, if they have discipline, patience, and follow a number of important steps.

From the link: “This User’s Manual was written for admitted Hacker Schoolers to help them navigate and understand Hacker School. We've decided to publish it in the hope that it will give the outside world a clearer picture of what Hacker School is like. You can read more about our motivations on our blog.”

From the article:

But online marketers are increasingly seeking to track users offline, as well, by collecting data about people's offline habits—such as recent purchases, where you live, how many kids you have, and what kind of car you drive.

Tracking people using their real names—often called "onboarding"—is a hot trend in Silicon Valley. In 2012...

An article about how Airbnb uses self-management. I think that when people are good workers, are working on something they're interested in, and have a huge profit incentive, it's pretty easy for everyone to do the right thing.

An article on Cult of Mac about a simple game that achieved great sales success.

“It may sound simple, but it’s the Apple kind of simplicity that actually takes a lot of work,” Denis Mikan says of the game he co-created.

The idea behind Blek is ingeniously straightforward. At its simplest you draw a line on screen, and then this line repeats itself over and over...

Booktype is a free, open source platform that allows organisations and communitites to produce beautiful, engaging books formatted for print, Amazon, iBooks and almost any ereader.

An interesting article on how to set up a note-taking system using Evernote and another app named Hazel.

A good article on how to customize your xscreensaver text (on Linux systems).