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On August 13th, the Falcon 9 test rig (code name Grasshopper) completed a divert test, flying to a 250m altitude with a 100m lateral maneuver before returning to the center of the pad. The test demonstrated the vehicle's ability to perform more aggressive steering maneuvers than have been attempted in previous flights.

Grasshopper is taller than a ten story building, which makes the...

But as soon as I’ve begun to use those combinators to write web applications, I almost immediately encountered a case: Read JSON from network, validate it, and convert it into ... JSON.

"The missing package manager for Mac OS X."

A simple Sencha Touch 2 example.

In the relentlessly efficient world of Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon employees quickly learn when they have overtaxed the attention of their chief executive. He quietly pulls out his smartphone and starts replying to e-mails. In extreme cases, Bezos will walk out.

This demanding style is as much a signature of the founder as his famously long-term approach to developing new...

I find them complementary, and it’s probably because my personal and academic interests in feminism have been about the self and the formation of gender. I teach a course called “The Construction and Deconstruction of Gender,” which almost sounds like a course on Buddhism—in both cases it seems to me that the practice is about letting go of the labels and identities...

Newton was conceived on an airplane. That’s where Michael Tchao pitched the idea to Apple’s CEO, John Sculley, in early 1991. The company would announce it the following year, and the first product in the Newton Line, the MessagePad 1001 went on sale twenty years ago this week in August of 1993. It was Apple’s handheld PDA–a term Apple coined to describe it. By modern...

A collection of Sencha Touch 2 examples.

Moo business cards. Smaller than regular business cards.

An article on how Path engineers achieve performance and scalability in their system.

James Ward presents a nice webinar, "Building reactive web applications with the Typesafe platform". Discusses the Play Framework and Akka.

Information on Heroku support for the Play Framework 2, from the Play website.

Information on support for the Play Framework 2 on the Heroku platform.

The WigWag system lets you write rules on the "if this, then that" principle. The creators include examples like: If there's motion outdoors, then turn the lights on and send a text. If the humidity rises, then turn on a fan.

A presentation at the Paris Scala meetup about using Scala on "big data" projects.

During the past two years Netflix has pulled back the curtains to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how it runs one of the most popular video streaming websites on the Internet, almost entirely in the public cloud. The company has open sourced dozens of tools it’s developed internally. In doing so, some argue that Netflix is turning into one of the most important cloud computing...

For the past four years, physicists at the National Ignition Facility, or NIF, in Livermore, California, have been trying to harness nuclear fusion, the same reaction that powers the sun and the stars. Supporters of the $3.5 billion facility believe that a successful outcome to the experiments could help usher in an era of nearly limitless energy. But the ambitious fusion research program at...

Source code examples from the busy coder's guide to Android (Android examples).

Each person has a "world view", that is how he sees, represents and understand himself and the world.

a world view evolves as the person learns, unlearns and questions his views
beliefs are a subset of the world view the person holds to be "likely" to be true (that too can change over time)