Mac podcast - Creating a podcast on the Mac using GarageBand, part 3

My third installment on creating podcasts on the Mac with GarageBand is now online.

For now that's the final installment, unless I get a bunch of requests to cover some other features. This installation covers splitting clips, joining clips, importing audio files, adding tracks, and working with background clips.


Software cost estimating presentation slides updated

I've converted my Function Point Analysis (FPA) and software cost estimating slide presentations, and they now play much nicer with IE. They aren't perfect yet, but they are much better.

For the record those presentations are at these URLs:

My new Apple/Mac landing page

I'm probably goofing around a little too much today, but I just created an Apple/Mac landing page on the site. I'm not going to link up to it just yet (other than this post) but I thought I'd experiment using a black background with similar structure and content.

Added digg link to blog posts

After a few requests/suggestions I've added digg links to the blog pages. So, if they all say "0 diggs", hey, it's a new feature. :)

Tame Swing examples - initial images online

Whew, getting all the images together for the Tame Swing sample applications is taking a little time and a lot of effort. I hadn't thought about how to organize it, and now that I have a better feel for what I want to do it's just a matter of time.

If you want to see the images of the running applications I do have them on a temporary page here. Please note that this page may change at any time.

Recent Unix, Linux, and programming tutorials

I've been working hard lately to get a lot of ideas out of my head and onto the blog. Here's a summary of what I've posted recently on the Unix/Linux side: