iPhone song rating - How to set a song rating on your iPod or iPhone

iPhone songs FAQ: Can I set or change the rating of an iTunes song on my iPhone or iPod?

Wow, I'm such an iPod/iPhone/Itunes dummy, I didn't realize that I could change the rating of a song from my iPhone until I dug into it a little bit. Here's a quick look at how to change the iTunes song rating from your iPhone/iPod.

Setting/changing an iPhone/iPod song rating

You can set the iTunes song rating directly from your iPhone (or iPod) when the song is playing.

Book publishing with Drupal

Cool ... for anyone interested in online book publishing, Drupal offers a "book" content type that does a lot of the "magic" of page linking for you, creating links like next, previous, and up. If you're collaborating on a book, it also offers access control and permission features, which is also very cool.

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