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Stranded in Dease Lake, British Columbia

Dateline: March, 2010.

Not one of my better times. On the drive from the Lower 48 back to Alaska, I got stranded in Canada. The reports said the roads were clear, so I was hoping to make it through with my old tires, but “clear” has a different meaning in the winter in Canada than it has in the Lower 48. “Snow-packed with occasional ice” was a more apt description. My tires weren’t up to the task, and not wanting to die, I was forced to stop in Dease Lake, British Columbia, population 303, one motel, one gas station, one mechanic.

A black bear in British Columbia, Canada alvin August 26, 2013 - 9:18am

This is one of more than 100 bears I encountered on a trip through British Columbia, Canada, on the way to Alaska. I’m thinking about heading back up there at the end of September this year to see if I can find a few more.