It’s almost all on your cellphone alvin December 9, 2019 - 12:15pm

Almost every product on this 1991 Radio Shack ad is now on your cellphone (sans the scanner and radar detector).

A bit on how Intel missed out on the mobile CPU market alvin March 11, 2018 - 7:40pm

Here’s a good story about how Intel missed out on the mobile CPU market, and what they’re trying to do about it now. It’s always interesting to me to read about how leaders of large corporations misread the possibilities of the future, thereby endangering the future existence of their business.

Ship and iterate

A note from this long article about Google’s Rick Osterloh:

Former CEO Eric Schmidt calls this system “Ship and Iterate,” and in his book How Google Works he makes a consistent case for not even trying to get things right the first time. “Create a product, ship it, see how it does, design and implement improvements, and push it back out,” Schmidt writes. “Ship and iterate. The companies that are the fastest at this process will win.”

A market for women’s pants with larger pockets

I’d been thinking about buying a large cellphone (phablet) recently, and every time I mentioned it to a woman, they immediately asked, “Do you know how small the pockets are in women’s pants?” That makes me think there’s a market for women’s pants with larger pockets.

Bad cellular reception in Colorado (Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville)

My old cellphone (an iPhone) just died, so I’ve been looking at cellphones, and also cellular carriers. Skipping the cellphone part of the story, cellular reception in Colorado is notoriously bad. I can barely make a phone call with AT&T in my apartment in Broomfield, CO, and I also have problems when I travel in Louisville and Boulder.

AT&T coverage in Colorado (map)

Today I finally found a good map to show the problem at OpenSignal.com. This first image shows their cellular coverage map for AT&T in my area:

ATT cellular coverage in Broomfield, Colorado

Funny bumper sticker quotes and sayings

After several days of intense programming, I thought I'd take a break for something much less serious: Funny bumper sticker quotes and sayings. :) 

These are a variety of funny/joke bumper stickers quotes/sayings that I've seen over the last year or two. A few others were sent to me by friends who know I like a good bumper sticker ... well, as long as it's not on my car.

Apple iPhone 4 recall?

Cnet reports that a newspaper named the Daily Mail accidentally quoted a fake Steve Jobs Twitter account as saying that there would be an iPhone 4 recall.

While they didn't quote the real Steve Jobs, with the many early reports of reception problems, and the need to hold the iPhone a certain way, this brings up an interesting point: What will it take to have an iPhone 4 recall?

CES - New Palm smartphones (Palm Pre and Pixi)

I think they're fighting a big uphill battle against a few heavyweights, but Palm has some nice-looking new entries in the cellphone/smartphone market.

While the iPhone, Droid, and Google Nexus One have all the smartphone attention of the media these days, PC World reports "Palm announced upgraded versions of its Pre and Pixi smartphones, and announced that it devices would be coming to more carriers."