In regards to “Workplace Compliance Services” letters/forms

In November, 2018, I received a letter from an entity named Workplace Compliance Services, and the letter was in regards to filing a Colorado “Periodic Report” form. I initially thought the letter was from a government agency, but after research that ended up spanning many days, I learned that Workplace Compliance Services is a private business entity — not a government agency. After that, in an effort to save other people from having to spend the same time and energy to perform that research, I wrote about what I learned on the previous version of this web page.

Latitude Margaritaville, a 55+ living community alvin November 18, 2018 - 6:04pm

The New York Times has a good article about a “55 and better” living community called Latitude Margaritaville.

A video from inside the school in the Florida shooting

In this video from one of the childrens’ phones inside the school in Florida you can hear the rifle being fired, and hear the young children scream. This insanity has to stop, the United States needs gun reform in a major way. It used to be a shock when there was one shooting in America; there have now been 18 shootings in the U.S. in the first 45 days of 2018. At this pace there will be 146 school shootings this year. Dear NRA and Republican-led congress and White House, how many children have to die before you’ll do something?

Stargazer cruise in Key West, Florida (a bucket list item)

I don’t have much of a bucket list these days, but one thing I’d really like to do is go back to Key West, Florida and take this Stargazer Cruise. I’ve only been to Key West once, and I saw this cruise, but didn’t take it. I guess that in general, a goal of mine is to see the nighttime stars as much as possible, and this seems like a great way to see them.