iPad PDF documents: How to read, transfer, and save

iPad PDF FAQ: How do I transfer a PDF file onto my iPad, iPhone, or iPod? (Or, "How can I read a PDF on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?)

Since the iPod, iPhone, and iPad all use the Apple iOS operating system, the process of getting a PDF file onto these devices is identical (or nearly identical) for each device. In this article I'll generally refer to the iPad, as it's actually hard to read most PDF documents on an iPhone of iPod.)

iPhone 3G iOS 4 performance issues

Immediately after I installed iOS4 on my iPhone 3G I reported that it seemed surprisingly fast. However, within two days, whatever pleasant surprise I felt about my iPhone 3G iOS performance came crashing down, and I do mean crashing.

The iPhone iBooks application, for example, crashes, a lot. Try to open a PDF in iBooks? Crash. Try to read a book? Crash. Time to wait for iBooks to open after you've downloaded 10 eBooks? I have no idea, I'm not that patient.

The Facebook app on my iPhone 3G w/ iOS 4? It crashes at least once out of every five startups.