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Mac Java deprecated - Steve Jobs and James Gosling reply

[Dateline: Friday, October 22, 2010, Talkeetna, Alaska.] After Apple very quietly announced that their Mac Java port is deprecated, a CIO wrote Steve Jobs, and Mr. Jobs sent his usual one-line reply. Next up, James Gosling, the "father of Java", replied to Mr. Jobs' comments, basically saying they were inaccurate.

Updates on the Oracle, Sun, and Java strife

Summary: Sun's former CEO starts a Ruby/Postgres company. Larry Ellison (Oracle) slams Sun management. James Gosling slams Oracle.

Wow, there are all sorts of fun things going on in the Java (or former-Java) world. First, former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz talks a lot about patents, including Sun's history with Microsoft, presumably because Oracle is suing Google over some Java patents that Sun would never sue for.

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