How to draw a rectangle in Android (using onDraw method of View)

Android FAQ: How do I draw a rectangle in Android?

To draw a rectangle in Android you’ll need to create your own View, i.e., a class that extends the Android View class. For example, this CustomView shows how to extend a View and then use the Rect and Paint classes along with the onDraw method to draw a rectangle:

How to make a rounded rectangle in GIMP

I recently needed to make an icon look like an iOS style app icon -- a rounded rectangle with transparent corners -- and to do that I needed to learn how to create a rounded rectangle in Gimp. This tutorial contains a short step-by-step description of how to do this.

Note: I’m writing this tutorial in April, 2015, using Gimp 2.8.

A Java JRuby screenshot (screen capture) example

Java image FAQ: Can you show me how to create a screen capture in Java?

I don't have any Java screen capture code to share at the moment, but if you don't mind a JRuby screen capture example (which you can easily convert to Java), this JRuby screenshot (screen capture) source code example should help point you in the right direction: