Back To Now mindfulness reminders app for iOS (v1.1) alvin November 19, 2019 - 3:31pm

November 19, 2019: Version 1.1 of my Back To Now “mindfulness reminders” app for iOS was just released on Apple’s App Store. Since it’s officially a Valley Programming product, you can read more about it on my Back To Now v1.1 support page on

Notifications in Back To Now alvin November 15, 2019 - 6:53pm

It looks like I have notifications working in the iOS version of my Back To Now app, so I’ll be releasing that during this coming week.

Over 100 of my favorite “mindfulness” quotes

This page contains a list of my favorite “mindfulness reminder” quotes. In particular these are short, concise quotes that I think work well with my “Just Be” mobile app.

Just Be is currently an app for Android users. If you haven’t seen it before, this is what the reminders/notifications look like when you receive them on an Android phone or tablet:

My “Just Be” app running on a Moto 360 (Android Wear)

(Click the image for a much larger image.)

Some time in the last week or two Google announced a $99 sale on their first generation Moto 360 watches. I purchased one, and it came in the mail this morning. My main purpose for buying one is to see how my “Just Be” mindfulness reminders app (for Android) works with Android Wear smartwatches. This image shows what the notifications currently look like.

I like the way it works off the shelf, but I kinda want to get rid of the “Just Be” name on the notification. The watch shows the app icon, and that’s good enough for me. I know it probably should be there for “branding” purposes, but I’d rather just see the mindfulness reminder message. At least the app name is in a much lighter font color, that’s good.

FWIW, I don’t have an Android phone, but I do have a Google/Android Nexus 9 tablet, and everything between the tablet and watch seems to be working fine so far.

(The Moto 360 watches were available at this link on the Google Play store, but the last time I checked they were out of stock.)

Setting Mac iCal event reminders

Mac iCal event reminders FAQ: How do I configure a Mac iCal reminder to remind me of birthdays, due dates for bills, and so on?

If you're new to the Mac world, and want to be able to set up reminders for various things like birthdays, pay bills, or attend events, the good news is that you can do this with the free software already installed on your Mac. The iCal Mac calendar application is just what you need.

Mac task scheduling with iCal

Mac task scheduling FAQ: Is there a simple way to schedule a task/job on a Mac OS X system to run on a certain date and time? (For Linux/Unix users: Like running a Unix job with the crontab facility, but in a GUI?)

In an earlier article I detailed how to run Unix jobs on a Mac system in this Mac OS X crontab (launchd) tutorial. But today I was looking for an easier way to run Mac programs at certain times, or to schedule email reminders to be sent to myself, preferably using a Mac GUI client.