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TypeAhead, a continuous predictive text editor

TypeAhead is a continuous predictive text editor. It always tries to help you auto-complete the current word by using words in (a) the current document, as well as (b) a dictionary.

This short video shows a very rough prototype of how this might work:


A few improvements are possible and easy.

JustWrite - a free, full-screen Mac OS X text editor

If you happen to be in the market for a very simple and free text editor for Mac OS X systems, today I'm releasing the binary version of my "JustWrite" application. While it's still very young, JustWrite has the following socially-redeeming features:

A review of five free Mac text editors (part 1)

I've been using TextMate (a commercial, plain-text editor) for several years on the Mac platform, and while it's an okay text editor, it has never blown me away, and more often than not, it confounds me. That -- and not handling the new Mac Spaces features very well -- has made me start looking at other Mac OS X text editors over the last several weeks, specifically free Mac text editors.

A review of five free Mac text editors (part 2)


2009-01-06 UPDATE: Smultron is dead; long live Smultron. I just visited the Smultron website, and the author has decided to discontinue development of the project.

Other than the application icon they use, Smultron looks as Mac-like as any text editor I reviewed. While I'll be using Komodo for editing language files (CSS, HTML, others), I'm currently using Smultron as a plain text editor instead of TextMate, and so far, I like it.

TextMate product review

As general-purpose text editors go, TextMate on Mac OS X is probably one of the best I've ever used. Favorite features are the built-in spell-checking, solid macro support, and a clean UI that stays out of the way. It also offers syntax highlighting for many different languages out of the box, which is nice when because I work in HTML, Java, and Ruby a lot. Smart tabs generally work very well also.