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Tornado warnings and sarcasm tees

As I walked into the local Starbucks today an alarm went off on my phone saying there was a tornado warning. So I asked the three people working there, “Which is worse, a tornado warning or a watch? I can never remember which is which.”

So rather than google it, we talked about whether “watch” or “warning” implied more danger, then we talked about some other things while we watched stuff go flying down the street. Never did figure out which is worse, but eventually I got a coffee.

Later in the day I came across a big ol’ wind-blown disaster mess at a gift shop, where I found this t-shirt amongst the ruins.

Virginia Beach tornado weather alvin January 11, 2014 - 5:48pm

It felt like we might have a tornado in Virginia Beach today, with that familiar and unusual low-pressure feeling. At one point it even looked like the ocean water was being pulled up into the sky.