Do not try to experience satori

“Do not try to experience satori. Do not try to drive away illusion. Do not hate the thoughts that arise, and do not love them, either. Above all, do not entertain them. Just practice the great sitting, here and now. If you do not continue a thought, it will not come back of its own accord.”

In deep zazen our true desires are revealed

“During Zazen the ego-subject can look at the ego-object, and vice-versa. We can realize that we are not so wonderful, sometimes we’re even worse than other people, because in deep zazen our true desires are revealed and we can see them fully.”

~ Taisen Deshimaru, in the book, Questions to a Zen Master

Fukan zazengi (Zazen meditation instructions)

A few weeks ago I learned about a text called “Fukan zazengi,” which contains instructions for Zen meditation (Zazen) practice. The image shown comes from this page. If you’re interested in learning how to meditate without the background material or Buddha references, just skip down to the fourth paragraph.