Bad cellular reception in Colorado (Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville)

My old cellphone (an iPhone) just died, so I’ve been looking at cellphones, and also cellular carriers. Skipping the cellphone part of the story, cellular reception in Colorado is notoriously bad. I can barely make a phone call with AT&T in my apartment in Broomfield, CO, and I also have problems when I travel in Louisville and Boulder.

AT&T coverage in Colorado (map)

Today I finally found a good map to show the problem at This first image shows their cellular coverage map for AT&T in my area:

ATT cellular coverage in Broomfield, Colorado

The red area to the left of the “where I live” note is my apartment. In fact, it seriously looks like my apartment is the epicenter of AT&T’s lack of coverage.

Verizon cellular coverage in Colorado (map)

From the same website, here’s a map showing Verizon’s cellular coverage in Broomfield, Louisville, and Boulder:

Verizon cell phone coverage in Broomfield, Colorado

According to that map, Verizon should have much better coverage in my apartment, and throughout the Broomfield, Louisville, and Boulder areas. In fact, I looked at all cellular carriers, and per that website, Verizon has better coverage than AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and everyone else.

Using Verizon in Colorado

I made the switch from AT&T to Verizon a little over two months ago, and the results are generally excellent. I can make calls from my apartment again, and the coverage has generally been very good to excellent. Every once in a while there’s a problem where I can’t get any network bandwidth even when my phone shows three bars — apps that require network data act like there’s no data throughput — but other than that, Verizon has much better coverage than AT&T in the areas where I live and commute.