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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

// $Id: CHANGELOG.txt,v 2010/12/22 00:09:59 joachim Exp $

Image x.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx

Image 6.x-1.x, xxxx-xx-xx

Image 6.x-1.1, 2010-12-22
by sun: Fixed output of image gallery title.

Image 6.x-1.0, 2010-10-14
#933612 by joachim: Fixed image gallery term titles to pass W3C validation.
#875114 by joachim: Fixed missing description field in gallery terms view.
#929868 by joachim: Fixed undefined variable error in
#925122 by joachim: Fixed missing default attributes key in theme function.
#925098 by joachim: Fixed views classes variable not defined in gallery terms
  style plugin template.
#747900 by Karlheinz, joachim, sun: Fixed warning when no images are attached.
#916128 by joachim: Fixed undefined variable error in image_attach_validate().
#910370 by jonathan1055: Fixed attached image not shown for teaser in preview.
#575790 by mokko: Fixed CSS for galleries to work on IE*.

Image 6.x-1.0-BETA6, 2010-08-25
#207557 by joachim: (Revisited) Fixed update errors due to duplicate data in 
  Drupal 5 files table.
#892816 by joachim: Fixed attached image limit not checked if new image 
  uploaded with the node save button.
#867386 by joachim: (Followup) Fixed remaining checks for 'Attach' button.
#790670 by skyredwang: Changed error message for image attach maximum.
#888578 by Agileware: Fixed block passing empty param to theme function.
#883338 by joachim: Fixed direct calling of hook_file_download() implementation.
#867386 by sun: Changed image attach form's 'Attach' button to 'Upload'.
#868442 by sun, joachim: Code clean-up.
#824324 by jonathan1055: Fixed theme function allowing duplicate ALT and TITLE 
 in IMG tag.
#642052 by joachim: Fixed schema mis-match introduced by image_update_5200().
#649384 by sp3boy: Fixed gallery thumbnail HTML to pass W3C validation.
#825130 by joachim: Fixed image attach Views field showing only last attached
  image per node.
#412288 by joachim: (Continued) Changed structure of theming functions for 
  attached images, this time with Views support.
#841680 by dman: Fixed inappropriate inspection of submitted values in $form 
  array rather than $form_values in image_admin_settings_validate().
#703542 by the_real_codecowboy, joachim: Added option for keeping the original
  file to the create image node from file API function.
#777966 by joachim: Fixed whitespace in image attach.
#773888 by joachim: Added a different css class for each attached image.
#774314 by kylegt: Fixed missing element size on image attach form upload field.
#741484 by joachim: Fixed missing t() on form text.
#705582 by joachim: Fixed image gallery default view showing unpublished nodes.
#412288 by joachim: Changed structure of theming functions for attached images.

Image 6.x-1.0-BETA5, 2010-01-16
#625666 by joachim: Added note about what happens when no image title is given.
#581174 by jonathan1055, joachim | skyredwang: Added ability to limit the number
  of attached images.
#680672 by joachim: Fixed mention of 'upload' when user can't create images.
#680644 by joachim: Cleaned up code in image attach's hook_form_alter().
by joachim: Added tests for image attach.
#580864 by joachim: Fixed new nodes not respecting the 'don't attach existing 
  images' setting.
#273426 by joachim: Added test for image thumbnails in teasers.
#575374 by joachim: Fixed image import allowing selection of too big images. 
#662252 by joachim: Changed description text in image attach form to be plural.

Image 6.x-1.0-BETA4, 2009-12-21
#659182 by jonathan1055, joachim: Fixed removal of first attached image on
  programmatic node save.
#232557 by joachim: Added thumbnails to list on image import page.
#630546 by jonathan1055: Fixed attached image not appearing in teaser preview.
#620234 by unjello: Fixed undefined variable in Views image attach handler.
#602740 by Vin7: Fixed theme function to take $form by value.
#592852 by joachim: Fixed SQL error when View attached images field is empty.
#579320 by joachim: Fixed link to node in attached images block.
#226121 by sp3boy: Fixed bad logic from previous patch to this issue.

Image 6.x-1.0-BETA3, 2009-09-13
#567630 by joachim: Fixed bad call to url() on image gallery settings page.
#544970 by joachim: Added image attach views relationships.
#571434 by joachim: Fixed views gallery count label showing for empty galleries.
#569526 by 2noame: Fixed mistaken commit to image.module from #569258.
by joachim: Changed image attach CCK label to plural.
by joachim: Removed obsolete hook_help module description key.
#561686 by roderik: Fixed VARCHAR in image attach database update.
#569766 by patryk: Fixed views module not loaded in image gallery update.
#561362 by joachim: Fixed attached image CCK weight not being used.

Image 6.x-1.0-BETA2, 2009-09-05
#564488 by joachim: Fixed missing variables in Views image gallery template.
#72579 by David Stosik: Added more granular permissions to image attach, and
  fixed attaching images when 'Attach existing images' is disabled.
#445074 by joachim: Added a theme function for the attached images block.
#569334 by joachim: Fixed security issue with attached images Views field.
by joachim: Added messages for update functions.
#569258 by alanburke: Changed name of Gallery display to 'Gallery page'.
#569198 by David Stosik: Fixed selecting <None> in image attach inserting a 0
  value into $node->iids. Update function cleans up any nonsense data this may 
  have created.
#565774 by alanburke: Fixed thickbox on galleries.
#561362 by David Stosik: Fixed attached image weights to hide if CCK present.
#357793 by joachim: Fixed update from 5 error due to old pre-5 {image} table.
#561832 by joachim: Fixed foreach on empty array in image attach node form.
#569138 by joachim: Moved image_attach_views_handlers() to inc file.
#567226 by joachim: Fixed attached images views field to handle multiple images.
#566642 by joachim: Fixed new default views not getting picked up by clearing
 the view cache on update.
#207557 by Ibn al-Hazardous: Fixed update errors due to duplicate data in 
  Drupal 5 files table.
#568734 by David Stosik: Fixed escaping in update_sql queries in updates.
#568078 by joachim: Moved gallery page code to a new image_gallery.pages.inc.
#568078 by joachim: Moved admin code to a new image_gallery.admin.inc.
#567170 by joachim: Fixed wrong link on attached images on teasers.
#566040 by joachim: Changed formatting of 'None' in the attach form.

Image 6.x-1.0-BETA1, 2009-09-02
#166145 by joachim: Fixed checking of image path on validation not form display.
#225014 by David Stosik: Added ability to import images into galleries 
  corresponding to the directory tree.
#226121 by joachim, sp3boy: Changed image derivative rebuilding so it doesn't 
  happen in admin and batch operations.
#564614 by joachim: Fixed un-t()'d image gallery count string.
#470720 by joachim: Fixed (again) Image Gallery vocabulary broken after 
  re-enabling the module.
#562810 by datune: Fixed error messages from updates on systems that don't have
  the primary keys or indexes present.
#563988 by joachim: Fixed missing paging in image gallery default view.
#561686 by jandd: Fixed bad query in image_attach_update_6101().
#561854 by joachim: Fixed missing note about Views on gallery settings page. 

Image 6.x-1.0-ALPHA6, 2009-08-27
#405456 by joachim: Added views support for image gallery, including image
  gallery style plugin in image module.
#454290 by joachim: Added image size argument to views support.
#555840 by blakehall: Changed theme_image_display() to allow override passed 
  attributes to override alt and title.
#81102 by maulwuff, greg.harvey, sp3boy, et al: Changed image attach to allow
  attaching of multiple images.
#411568 by sp3boy: Fixed paths for derivatives to come from the original, 
  rather than default.
#426724 by joachim: Fixed image attach block not showing in block admin.
#226121 by joachim: Fixed derivative sizes should not be rebuilt in hook_load().
#44057 by sp3boy: Fixed tests broken by earlier #44057 commits.
#470720 by joachim, sun: Fixed Image Gallery vocabulary broken after re-enabling
  the module.
#374423 by joachim: Fixed image_create_node_from() not checking image filesize.
#44057 by sun: Fixed return values of image_access().
by joachim: Code clean-up in Image gallery module.
by joachim: Added PHPdoc headers to functions in Image gallery module.
#518804 by joachim: Fixed image_attach field not linking to attaching node
  or working with relationships.
#524646 by joachim: Changed hook_content_extra_fields() for Image Attach.
#44057 by pebosi: Changed permissions in Image module to match those in core.
#409974 by pebosi: Changed gallery permission from 'administer images' to 
  'administer image galleries'.
by joachim: Added PHPdoc headers to hooks in Image gallery module.
#539388 by joachim: Fixed lack of documentation in Image gallery module.
#543490 by joachim: Fixed wrong path in image_gallery_help().
#524646 by sun: Added hook_content_extra_fields() for Image Attach.
#360643 by Jose Reyero, sun: Added i18n support for sharing images between
#357488 by sun: Fixed gallery front image does not respect sort order.
#158805 by sun: Removed derivative image size rebuild messages.
#403044 by sun: Fixed PHP notice in image gallery when gallery is empty.

Image 6.x-1.0-ALPHA5, 2009-07-11
#496076 by pebosi: Removed unused database query in image_attach.
#458882 by sun: Fixed image nodes are promoted to front page by default.
#455768 by sun: Fixed image_get_sizes() called but not loaded in .install file.
#220295 by joachim: Added Views 2 support.
#368505 by joachim: Added exposure of Image field to CCK.
#228886 by joachim: Fixed missing CSS class on unpublished attached images.
#256195 by dman, sun: Added invocation of hook_file_metadata() to Image Import.
#362818 by sun: Fixed validation/submission of Image Import settings form.
#298702 by sp3boy, smk-ka, sun: Fixed image uploads are not properly validated.
#225024 by sun: Fixed filepaths not always prefixed with file_directory_path().
#185081 by sun: Fixed image_file_download tries to transfer non-existing files.
#357890 by Robbie Sternenberg: Added dynamic expansion of image preset
  configuration form to allow for more than 6 sizes.
#257743 by jandd, sun: Fixed upgrade error: Unknown column 'f.nid' query.
#361230 by justinrandell, sun: Fixed PHP notice if no original image exists.
#360170 by TwoD: Fixed hard-coded field name in Image attach views handler.
#243895 by Hetta: Fixed "selected file could not be copied" errors with
  ImageMagick on some platforms.
#196844 by Hetta, sun: Fixed Image module help text.
#363211 by sun: Fixed help for image import settings not displayed.
#390008 by joachim, sun: Fixed inconsistent node mass-operation title.
#338159 by sun: Fixed improper table aliases in db queries for db_rewrite_sql().
#298644 by smk-ka, sun: Updated tests for SimpleTest 2.x.
#247738 by sun: Removed unused image_submit() function.
#360691 by sun: Fixed image/image_attach table index creation errors when
  upgrading from 5.x-2.x.
#361874 by sun: Fixed Image Gallery uninstall fails if Taxonomy was disabled at
  the same time.
#220281 by sun: Fixed empty width/height attributes in image tags if image size
  detection failed.
#350511 by simon.males, sun: Added option to configure number of images for
  latest/random image blocks.
#280197 by sun: Fixed 'image_default_path' variable must not have a trailing
#299250 by sun: Changed file upload description in image form.
#346289 by sun: Fixed missing primary key and index on image_attach table.
#105739 by sun: Removed colors from default style for image gallery images.
#134395 by sun: Fixed default list bullet style for image gallery images.
#234983 by sun: Performance: Improved image_gallery_page().
#288378 by smk-ka, mustafau, sun: Added primary key and index to image table.
#70396 by bibo, sun: Fixed node image size links are not localized.
#310693 by sun: Updated image_access() for 6.x.
#351552 by hass, sun: Changed Image Gallery's form submit button to "Save".
#196823 by sun: Removed "Rebuild derivatives" option from node/add form.
#310391 by pcorbett, sun: Fixed SQL server/PostGreSQL support for Image Attach.
#309872 by brenda003, sun: Fixed link to Image Import settings page.
#247433 by greenmother: Added Russian translation.

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