How to download iPhone photos to Windows XP

iPhone photos and Windows XP tip: How to download iPhone photos to a Windows XP computer.

Okay, this was surprisingly hard. I just went to download all my iPhone photos to my Windows XP computer, and assuming this worked with the normal iTunes sync process, I started the 'sync', waited a very long time, and then at the end, all my photos were ... wait ... none of my photos were downloaded from my iPhone to my Windows XP system. What the heck?

Surprise! It turns out that's not how you're supposed to download iPhone photos to Windows XP. While iTunes is supposed to be THE interface between your computer and your iPhone, apparently your iPhone photos don't count. Um, thanks Apple. How about a little iTunes message stating that this isn't how iPhone photos are downloaded?

Solution: iPhone photos and Windows XP - How to download

To save you several hours, here's how I finally figured out how to download my iPhone photos to my Windows XP system. I don't have other Windows versions, so this may be slightly different on Windows 7, but here's how the photo download process works on Windows XP.

As a quick intro here, we'll be using a Windows XP application named "Scanner and Camera Wizard" to download your iPhone photos. Here are the steps you need:

  1. Click "Start"
  2. Click "All Programs"
  3. Click "Accessories"
  4. Click "Scanner and Camera Wizard" (there may be a short wait here)
  5. Select your iPhone (mine is named "Al's iPhone")
  6. After this, just follow the wizard, which is very simple, and you'll be able to download your iPhone photos to a Windows XP folder of your choosing. You'll see your photos in a subsequent screen, and be able to choose which ones you want to download, and you'll also be able to choose a download folder/directory.

The iPhone photos and Windows XP download process

I have to say, once you know that you're supposed to use the "Scanner and Camera Wizard" application to download your photos, the process is very simple, so kudos to Microsoft. Dear Apple: It sure would be nice if you provided a note in iTunes about how to do this. (Yeesh.)

I currently have over 1,000 photos on my iPhone, and I didn't want to lose them during the upgrade, so downloading them to my Windows XP computer is pretty important to me.

I hope this tip on how to download your iPhone photos to Windows XP computer has been helpful. I'm not much of a Windows XP expert, but I can tell you that a copy of my iPhone photos are now happily sitting on my Windows hard drive.



BRILLIANT! Thanks Alvin, I didn't realise the photo's weren't being synced until I tried to find them to copy to someone! We are about to trade in the phone for the v4 so we'd have lost all of our pictures if it hadn't been for you (and Google) :o)

Alvin - 10/10

Apple - 0/10


I've been downloading my photots from the iPhone to XP in the way you suggested for a long time. The big disadvantage though: You loose your location (geotag) and timestamp info that the iphone stores for your photos. The photos will be saved with the time and date of extraction.

Any idea on how to preserve that information?

I'm not sure if the image information is totally lost. For instance, I know the date and time are still in the files themselves. Because this iPhone/Windows process messed up all my filenames and the order of the files themselves, I wrote this Ruby/JPG program to rename all the files based on their date/time stamp, so I know that information is still in each file. I didn't look to see if any GPS information was in the files or not.

I'll try to remember to look at my photos in Picasa or another tool later today and see if they still have the GPS information in them. (Unfortunately all those images are on my other computer back at home.)


Hi I just have to say a huge thankyou for showing me the way on how to save my treasured photos taken with my iphone onto Camera Wizard! You are a star.2 days ago having synced the phone with my laptop through itunes, I conpletely lost where my pics had gone.....devastated to put it mildly! 12 pics to be precise. Anyway google led me to you who showed me what to do and........taaa-daaa, I now have them all saved to my pictuers on my computer! YES!!!!! :0)


Thanks Alvin. Some of other postings I saw on the web were so complicated! What a great and easy way to do this!! Well done Sir.