Droid skins - Skins for the Motorola Droid

Droid skins and covers: Over the last few days I've really been blown away by the accessories that are available in the world for electronic gadgets like MacBook and notebook computers, and cellphones like the iPhone and Motorola Droid. I just spent a little time looking around at various Motorola Droid skins, and there's already a pretty cool collection of Droid skins and covers.

Here's a quick look at the Motorola Droid skin products I've found.

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Motorola Droid skins (and other cellphone skins) from skinit.com

A website named skinit.com has skins and protective covers for the Motorola Droid and many other smartphones (including the RAZR, and Apple iPhone). The way their website works, I can't give you a direct link to any of their Droid skin products, but here's a link to the Skinit.com website

Motorola Droid skins from DecalGirl

DecalGirl has become one of my favorite sites of the last few days, as they have a tremendous collection of MacBook skins, iPhones, and other products. They don't have any skins available for the Motorola Droid yet either, but they do have a Motorola category, so hopefully they will soon.

Here are a couple of images from their Motorola RAZR skin category:

Motorola RAZR skins from DecalGirl, rabbits

Motorola RAZR skins from DecalGirl, boys

(Images courtesy of DecalGirl.com)

Motorola Droid skins from uniqueskins.com

A website named uniqueskins.com currently carries three different types of Motorola Droid skins: a custom Droid skin ($7), a Droid Gel skin ($30), and a Droid scratch resistant skin ($20).

Droid skins from GelaSkins

Hmph ... well, the artwork on the GelaSkins website blows me away, but when I look at their Motorola Droid Gallery, there's nothing to choose from yet. Hopefully they'll have some Droid skins to choose from soon, because as I mentioned, their artwork is terrific.

Lacking any Droid skins, here's a link to their Palm Pre skins gallery. And here are a couple of images of their Palm Pre skins:

Gelaskins Palm Pre skin, dog art

Gelaskins Palm Pre skin, music artwork/theme

Palm Pre skin from Gelaskin, leaf artwork/design

(Images courtesy of Gelaskins.com)

Of course they also have a terrific collection of iPhone skins, but I'll try to cover those in a separate post.

Protective Droid skins from Zagg

Zagg makes a number of protective cellphone skin products, and they now carry their invisibleSHIELD (tm) product for the Motorola Droid. This sounds like an insurance pitch, but you can get full body coverage for $25, or just screen coverage for $15.

Motorola Droid protective skin/cover from Zagg

(Image courtesy of Zagg.com.)

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