Keystroke combination to minimize a Microsoft Windows window

One thing I like about Mac OS X is that it's very easy to minimize an open application window using just the keyboard. Just use the [Apple][M] keystroke when you're focused on a window you want to minimize, and the window shrinks down to the dock. When I work on a Microsoft Windows computer at work this is a feature I really miss.

Can’t remember the MacOS “Force Quit” key combination

I haven't had the problem of a frozen application on my Mac OS X laptop in a long time, but when it does I can never remember the keystroke combination to bring up the Force Quit dialog. The key combination is [Option][Command][Esc], which I know at this moment because I'm looking at it in a book.

Since I can't remember that combination I'm hoping this mnemonic will help: "Oh Crap Eddie", where "Oh" stands for "Option", "Crap" == "Command", and "Eddie" == "Esc".