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Lucene example source code file (CHANGES.txt)

This example Lucene source code file (CHANGES.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Lucene CHANGES.txt source code

Lucene Benchmark Contrib Change Log

The Benchmark contrib package contains code for benchmarking Lucene in a variety of ways.

For more information on past and future Lucene versions, please see:

  LUCENE-3137: ExtractReuters supports out-dir param suffixed by a slash. (Doron Cohen)

  LUCENE-2977: WriteLineDocTask now automatically detects how to write -
  GZip or BZip2 or Plain-text - according to the output file extension.
  Property bzip.compression of WriteLineDocTask was canceled. (Doron Cohen)
  LUCENE-2980: Benchmark's ContentSource no more requires lower case file suffixes 
  for detecting file type (gzip/bzip2/text). As part of this fix worked around an 
  issue with gzip input streams which were remaining open (See COMPRESS-127).
  (Doron Cohen) 

  LUCENE-2978: Upgrade benchmark's commons-compress from 1.0 to 1.1 as 
  the move of gzip decompression in LUCENE-1540 from Java's GZipInputStream
  to commons-compress 1.0 made it 15 times slower. In 1.1 no such slow-down
  is observed. (Doron Cohen)   
  LUCENE-2958: WriteLineDocTask improvements - allow to emit line docs also for empty
  docs, and be flexible about which fields are added to the line file. For this, a header
  line was added to the line file. That header is examined by LineDocSource. Old line
  files which have no header line are handled as before, imposing the default header.
  (Doron Cohen, Shai Erera, Mike McCandless)
  LUCENE-2964: Allow benchmark tasks from alternative packages,
  specified through a new property "alt.tasks.packages".
  (Doron Cohen, Shai Erera)
  LUCENE-2963: Easier way to run benchmark, by calling Benmchmark.exec(alg-file).
  (Doron Cohen)
  LUCENE-2961: Removed lib/xml-apis.jar, since JVM 1.5+ already contains the
  JAXP 1.3 interface classes it provides.

  LUCENE-1540: Improvements to contrib.benchmark for TREC collections. 
  ContentSource can now process plain text files, gzip files, and bzip2 files.
  TREC doc parsing now handles the TREC gov2 collection and TREC disks 4&5-CR 
  collection (both used by many TREC tasks). (Shai Erera, Doron Cohen)

  LUCENE-1591: Rollback to xerces-2.9.1-patched-XERCESJ-1257.jar to workaround
  XERCESJ-1257, which we hit on current Wikipedia XML export
  (ENWIKI-20110115-pages-articles.xml) with xerces-2.10.0.jar.   (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-929: ExtractReuters first extracts to a tmp dir and then renames. That 
  way, if a previous extract attempt failed, "ant extract-reuters" will still 
  extract the files. (Shai Erera, Doron Cohen, Grant Ingersoll)
  LUCENE-2885: Add WaitForMerges task (calls IndexWriter.waitForMerges()).
  (Mike McCandless)

  The locally built patched version of the Xerces-J jar introduced
  as part of LUCENE-1591 is no longer required, because Xerces
  2.10.0, which contains a fix for XERCESJ-1257 (see
  was released last year.  Upgraded
  xerces-2.9.1-patched-XERCESJ-1257.jar and xml-apis-2.9.0.jar
  to xercesImpl-2.10.0.jar and xml-apis-2.10.0.jar. (Steven Rowe)

  LUCENE-2416: WriteLineDocTask now supports multi-threading. Also, 
  StringBufferReader was renamed to StringBuilderReader and works on 
  StringBuilder now. In addition, LongToEnglishContentSource starts from 0
  (instead of Long.MIN_VAL+10) and wraps around to MIN_VAL (if you ever hit 
  Long.MAX_VAL). (Shai Erera)

  LUCENE-2377: Enable the use of NoMergePolicy and NoMergeScheduler by 
  CreateIndexTask. (Shai Erera)

  LUCENE-2353: Fixed bug in Config where Windows absolute path property values 
  were incorrectly handled (Shai Erera)
  LUCENE-2343: Added support for benchmarking collectors. (Grant Ingersoll, Shai Erera)

  LUCENE-2254: Add support to the quality package for running
  experiments with any combination of Title, Description, and Narrative.
  (Robert Muir)

  LUCENE-2223: Add a benchmark for ShingleFilter. You can wrap any
  analyzer with ShingleAnalyzerWrapper and specify shingle parameters
  with the NewShingleAnalyzer task.  (Steven Rowe via Robert Muir)

  LUCENE-2210: TrecTopicsReader now properly reads descriptions and
  narratives from trec topics files.  (Robert Muir)

  LUCENE-2181: Add a benchmark for collation. This adds NewLocaleTask,
  which sets a Locale in the run data for collation to use, and can be
  used in the future for benchmarking localized range queries and sorts.
  Also add NewCollationAnalyzerTask, which works with both JDK and ICU
  Collator implementations. Fix ReadTokensTask to not tokenize fields
  unless they should be tokenized according to DocMaker config. The 
  easiest way to run the benchmark is to run 'ant collation'
  (Steven Rowe via Robert Muir)

  LUCENE-2178: Allow multiple locations to add to the class path with
  -Dbenchmark.ext.classpath=... when running "ant run-task" (Steven
  Rowe via Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2168: Allow negative relative thread priority for BG tasks
  (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2106: ReadTask does not close its Reader when 
  OpenReader/CloseReader are not used. (Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-2079: Allow specifying delta thread priority after the "&";
  added log.time.step.msec to print per-time-period counts; fixed
  NearRealTimeTask to print reopen times (in msec) of each reopen, at
  the end.  (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2050: Added ability to run tasks within a serial sequence in
  the background, by appending "&".  The tasks are stopped & joined at
  the end of the sequence.  Also added Wait and RollbackIndex tasks.
  Genericized NearRealTimeReaderTask to only reopen the reader
  (previously it spawned its own thread, and also did searching).
  Also changed the API of PerfRunData.getIndexReader: it now returns a
  reference, and it's your job to decRef the reader when you're done
  using it.  (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2059: allow TrecContentSource not to change the docname.
  Previously, it would always append the iteration # to the docname.
  With the new option content.source.excludeIteration, you can disable this.
  The resulting index can then be used with the quality package to measure
  relevance. (Robert Muir)
  LUCENE-2058: specify trec_eval submission output from the command line.
  Previously, 4 arguments were required, but the third was unused. The 
  third argument is now the desired location of submission.txt  (Robert Muir)

  LUCENE-2044: Added delete.percent.rand.seed to seed the Random instance
  used by DeleteByPercentTask.  (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2043: Fix CommitIndexTask to also commit pending IndexReader
  changes (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2042: Added print.hits.field, to print each hit from the
  Search* tasks.  (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-2029: Added doc.body.stored and doc.body.tokenized; each
  falls back to the non-body variant as its default.  (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-1994: Fix thread safety of EnwikiContentSource and DocMaker
  when doc.reuse.fields is false.  Also made docs.reuse.fields=true
  thread safe.  (Mark Miller, Shai Erera, Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-1770: Add EnwikiQueryMaker (Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-1773: Add FastVectorHighlighter tasks.  This change is a
  non-backwards compatible change in how subclasses of ReadTask define
  a highlighter.  The methods doHighlight, isMergeContiguousFragments,
  maxNumFragments and getHighlighter are no longer used and have been
  mark deprecated and package protected private so there's a compile
  time error.  Instead, the new getBenchmarkHighlighter method should
  return an appropriate highlighter for the task. The configuration of
  the highlighter tasks (maxFrags, mergeContiguous, etc.) is now
  accepted as params to the task.  (Koji Sekiguchi via Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-1778: Add support for log.step setting per task type. Perviously, if
  you included a log.step line in the .alg file, it had been applied to all
  tasks. Now, you can include a log.step.AddDoc, or log.step.DeleteDoc (for 
  example) to control logging for just these tasks. If you want to ommit logging
  for any other task, include log.step=-1. The syntax is "log.step." together
  with the Task's 'short' name (i.e., without the 'Task' part).
  (Shai Erera via Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-1595: Deprecate LineDocMaker and EnwikiDocMaker in favor of
  using DocMaker directly, with content.source = LineDocSource or
  EnwikiContentSource.  NOTE: with this change, the "id" field from
  the Wikipedia XML export is now indexed as the "docname" field
  (previously it was indexed as "docid").  Additionaly, the
  SearchWithSort task now accepts all types that SortField can accept
  and no longer falls back to SortField.AUTO, which has been
  deprecated. (Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-1755: Fix WriteLineDocTask to output a document if it contains either 
  a title or body (or both).  (Shai Erera via Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-1725: Fix the example Sort algorithm - auto is now deprecated and no longer works
  with Benchmark. Benchmark will now throw an exception if you specify sort fields without
  a type. The example sort algorithm is now typed.  (Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-1730: Fix TrecContentSource to use ISO-8859-1 when reading the TREC files, 
  unless a different encoding is specified. Additionally, ContentSource now supports 
  a content.source.encoding parameter in the configuration file. 
  (Shai Erera via Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-1716: Added the following support: 
  doc.tokenized.norms: specifies whether to store norms
  doc.body.tokenized.norms: special attribute for the body field
  doc.index.props: specifies whether DocMaker should index the properties set on
  writer.info.stream: specifies the info stream to set on IndexWriter (supported
  values are: SystemOut, SystemErr and a file name). (Shai Erera via Mike McCandless)
  LUCENE-1714: WriteLineDocTask incorrectly  normalized text, by replacing only 
  occurrences of "\t" with a space. It now replaces "\r\n" in addition to that, 
  so that LineDocMaker won't fail. (Shai Erera via Michael McCandless)
  LUCENE-1595: This issue breaks previous external algorithms. DocMaker has been 
  replaced with a concrete class which accepts a ContentSource for iterating over 
  a content source's documents. Most of the old DocMakers were changed to a 
  ContentSource implementation, and DocMaker is now a default document creation impl
  that provides an easy way for reusing fields. When [doc.maker] is not defined in 
  an algorithm, the new DocMaker is the default. If you have .alg files which 
  specify a DocMaker (like ReutersDocMaker), you should change the [doc.maker] line to: 
  Also, PerfTask now logs a message in tearDown() rather than each Task doing its
  own logging. A new setting called [log.step] is consulted to determine how often 
  to log. [doc.add.log.step] is no longer a valid setting. For easy migration of 
  current .alg files, rename [doc.add.log.step] to [log.step] and [doc.delete.log.step] 
  to [delete.log.step]. 
  Additionally, [doc.maker.forever] should be changed to [content.source.forever].
  (Shai Erera via Mark Miller)

  LUCENE-1539: Added DeleteByPercentTask which enables deleting a
  percentage of documents and searching on them.  Changed CommitIndex
  to optionally accept a label (recorded as userData=<label> in the
  commit point).  Added FlushReaderTask, and modified OpenReaderTask
  to also optionally take a label referencing a commit point to open.
  Also changed default autoCommit (when IndexWriter is opened) to
  true. (Jason Rutherglen via Mike McCandless)

  LUCENE-1495: Allow task sequence to run for specfied number of seconds by adding ": 2.7s" (for example).

  LUCENE-1493: Stop using deprecated Hits API for searching; add new
  param search.num.hits to set top N docs to collect.

  LUCENE-1492: Added optional readOnly param (default true) to OpenReader task.

 LUCENE-1243: Added new sorting benchmark capabilities.  Also Reopen and commit tasks.  (Mark Miller via Grant Ingersoll)

  LUCENE-1090: remove relative paths assumptions from benchmark code.
  Only build.xml was modified: work-dir definition must remain so  
  benchmark tests can run from both trunk-home and benchmark-home.  
  LUCENE-1209: Fixed DocMaker settings by round. Prior to this fix, DocMaker settings of 
  first round were used in all rounds.  (E.g. term vectors.)
  (Mark Miller via Doron Cohen) 

  LUCENE-1156: Fixed redirect problem in EnwikiDocMaker.  Refactored ExtractWikipedia to use EnwikiDocMaker.  Added property to EnwikiDocMaker to allow
  for skipping image only documents.

  LUCENE-1136: add ability to not count sub-task doLogic increment
  LUCENE-1129: ReadTask properly uses the traversalSize value
  LUCENE-1128: Added support for benchmarking the highlighter

  LUCENE-1139: various fixes
  - add merge.scheduler, merge.policy config properties
  - refactor Open/CreateIndexTask to share setting config on IndexWriter
  - added doc.reuse.fields=true|false for LineDocMaker
  - OptimizeTask now takes int param to call optimize(int maxNumSegments)
  - CloseIndexTask now takes bool param to call close(false) (abort running merges)

  LUCENE-1116: quality package improvements:
  - add MRR computation; 
  - allow control of max #queries to run;
  - verify log & report are flushed.
  - add TREC query reader for the 1MQ track.  
  LUCENE-1102: EnwikiDocMaker now indexes the docid field, so results might not be comparable with results prior to this change, although
  it is doubted that this one small field makes much difference.
  LUCENE-1086: DocMakers setup for the "docs.dir" property
  fixed to properly handle absolute paths. (Shai Erera via Doron Cohen)
  LUCENE-941: infinite loop for alg: {[AddDoc(4000)]: 4} : *
  ResetInputsTask fixed to work also after exhaustion.
  All Reset Tasks now subclas ResetInputsTask.

  LUCENE-971: Change enwiki tasks to a doc maker (extending
  LineDocMaker) that directly processes the Wikipedia XML and produces
  documents.  Intermediate files (one per document) are no longer

  LUCENE-967: Add "ReadTokensTask" to allow for benchmarking just tokenization.

  LUCENE-836: Add support for search quality benchmarking, running 
  a set of queries against a searcher, and, optionally produce a submission
  report, and, if query judgements are available, compute quality measures:
  recall, precision_at_N, average_precision, MAP. TREC specific Judge (based 
  on TREC QRels) and TREC Topics reader are included in o.a.l.benchmark.quality.trec
  but any other format of queries and judgements can be implemented and used.
  LUCENE-947: Add support for creating and index "one document per
  line" from a large text file, which reduces per-document overhead of
  opening a single file for each document.

  LUCENE-848: Added support for Wikipedia benchmarking.

- LUCENE-940: Multi-threaded issues fixed: SimpleDateFormat; logging for addDoc/deleteDoc tasks.
- LUCENE-945: tests fail to find data dirs. Added sys-prop benchmark.work.dir and cfg-prop work.dir.
(Doron Cohen)

- LUCENE-863: Deprecated StandardBenchmarker in favour of byTask code.
  (Otis Gospodnetic)


Better error handling and javadocs around "exhaustive" doc making.


1. which HTML Parser is used is configurable with html.parser property.
2. External classes added to classpath with -Dbenchmark.ext.classpath=path.
3. '*' as repeating number now means "exhaust doc maker - no repetitions".


-Moved withRetrieve() call out of the loop in ReadTask
-Added SearchTravRetLoadFieldSelectorTask to help benchmark some of the FieldSelector capabilities
-Added options to store content bytes on the Reuters Doc (and others, but Reuters is the only one w/ it enabled)


Tests (for benchmarking code correctness) were added - LUCENE-840.
To be invoked by "ant test" from contrib/benchmark. (Doron Cohen)


1. Introduced an AbstractQueryMaker to hold common QueryMaker code. (GSI)
2. Added traversalSize parameter to SearchTravRetTask and SearchTravTask.  Changed SearchTravRetTask to extend SearchTravTask. (GSI)
3. Added FileBasedQueryMaker to run queries from a File or resource. (GSI)
4. Modified query-maker generation for read related tasks to make further read tasks addition simpler and safer. (DC)
5. Changed Taks' setParams() to throw UnsupportedOperationException if that task does not suppot command line param. (DC)
6. Improved javadoc to specify all properties command line params currently supported. (DC)
7. Refactored ReportTasks so that it is easy/possible now to create new report tasks. (DC)


1. Committed Doron Cohen's benchmarking contribution, which provides an easily expandable task based approach to benchmarking.  See the javadocs for information. (Doron Cohen via Grant Ingersoll)

2. Added this file.

3. 2/11/07: LUCENE-790 and 788:  Fixed Locale issue with date formatter. Fixed some minor issues with benchmarking by task.  Added a dependency
 on the Lucene demo to the build classpath.  (Doron Cohen, Grant Ingersoll)

4. 2/13/07: LUCENE-801: build.xml now builds Lucene core and Demo first and has classpath dependencies on the output of that build.  (Doron Cohen, Grant Ingersoll)

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