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Scala example source code file (MonadCatchIO.scala)

This example Scala source code file (MonadCatchIO.scala) is included in the alvinalexander.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Scala by Example" TM.

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The MonadCatchIO.scala Scala example source code

package scalaz
package effect

trait MonadCatchIO[M[_]] extends MonadIO[M] {
  /** Executes the handler if an exception is raised. */
  def except[A](ma: M[A])(handler: Throwable => M[A]): M[A]

object MonadCatchIO extends MonadCatchIOFunctions {
  @inline def apply[M[_]](implicit M: MonadCatchIO[M]): MonadCatchIO[M] = M

  implicit def theseTMonadCatchIO[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, E: Semigroup] = new MonadCatchIO[TheseT[M, E, ?]] {
    val TheseTMonadIO = MonadIO.theseTMonadIO[M, E]
    override def except[A](ma: TheseT[M, E, A])(handler: Throwable => TheseT[M, E, A]) = TheseT[M, E, A] {
      val M = MonadCatchIO[M]
      val a: M[Throwable \/ (E \&/ A)] = M.except(M.map(ma.run)(\/.right[Throwable, (E \&/ A)]))(t => M.point(-\/(t)))
      M.bind(a) {
        case -\/(t)    => handler(t).run
        case \/-(r)    => M.point(r)

    override def point[A](a: => A) = TheseTMonadIO.point(a)
    override def bind[A, B](fa: TheseT[M, E, A])(f: A => TheseT[M, E, B]) = TheseTMonadIO.bind(fa)(f)
    override def liftIO[A](ioa: IO[A]) = TheseTMonadIO.liftIO(ioa)


sealed abstract class MonadCatchIOFunctions {
  def except[M[_], A](ma: M[A])(handler: Throwable => M[A])(implicit M: MonadCatchIO[M]): M[A] =

  import scalaz.syntax.monad._

   * Executes the handler for exceptions that are raised and match the given predicate.
   * Other exceptions are rethrown.
  def catchSome[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B](ma: M[A])(p: Throwable => Option[B], handler: B => M[A]): M[A] =
    except(ma)(e => p(e) match {
      case Some(z) => handler(z)
      case None => throw e

   * Returns a disjunction result which is right if no exception was raised, or left if an
   * exception was raised.
  def catchLeft[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A](ma: M[A]): M[Throwable \/ A] =
    except(ma.map(\/.right[Throwable, A]))(t => \/.left[Throwable, A](t).point[M])

  /** Like "catchLeft" but takes a predicate to select which exceptions are caught. */
  def catchSomeLeft[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B](ma: M[A])(p: Throwable => Option[B]): M[B \/ A] =
    catchLeft(ma) map (_.leftMap(e => p(e).getOrElse(throw e)))

  /**Like "finally", but only performs the final action if there was an exception. */
  def onException[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B](ma: M[A], action: M[B]): M[A] =
    except(ma)(e =>
      for {
        _ <- action
        a <- (throw e): M[A]
      } yield a)

  def bracket[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B, C](before: M[A])(after: A => M[B])(during: A => M[C]): M[C] =
    for {
      a <- before
      r <- onException(during(a), after(a))
      _ <- after(a)
    } yield r

  /**Like "bracket", but takes only a computation to run afterward. Generalizes "finally". */
  def ensuring[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B](ma: M[A], sequel: M[B]): M[A] =
    for {
      r <- onException(ma, sequel)
      _ <- sequel
    } yield r

  /**A variant of "bracket" where the return value of this computation is not needed. */
  def bracket_[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B, C](before: M[A])(after: M[B])(during: M[C]): M[C] =
    bracket(before)(_ => after)(_ => during)

  /**A variant of "bracket" that performs the final action only if there was an error. */
  def bracketOnError[M[_]: MonadCatchIO, A, B, C](before: M[A])(after: A => M[B])(during: A => M[C]): M[C] =
    for {
      a <- before
      r <- onException(during(a), after(a))
    } yield r

  /** An automatic resource management. */
  def using[M[_], A, B](ma: M[A])(f: A => M[B])(implicit M: MonadCatchIO[M], resource: Resource[A]) =

  implicit def KleisliMonadCatchIO[F[_], R](implicit F: MonadCatchIO[F]): MonadCatchIO[Kleisli[F, R, ?]] =
    new MonadCatchIO[Kleisli[F, R, ?]] with MonadIO.FromLiftIO[Kleisli[F, R, ?]] {
      def FM = MonadIO.kleisliMonadIO[F, R]
      def FLO = MonadIO.kleisliMonadIO[F, R]
      def except[A](k: Kleisli[F, R, A])(h: Throwable => Kleisli[F, R, A]) =
        Kleisli(r => F.except(k.run(r))(t => h(t).run(r)))


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