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This file is included in the DevDaily.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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# Display Definitions
# @NAME class title numBuffered x y w h fields visible font
@MAIN STD "Main Window" \
	250 350 30 600 300 * hidden Monospaced-plain-12
@SUMMARY com.ice.syslogd.LineDisplay "Summary" \
	1 1 721 900 48 TfphNiM hidden Monospaced-bold-12

# Action Definitions
# facility.priority.action/expr/ parameters...
# This action plays a sun audio file when email is delivered
# to the user named "dilbert". Note the use of the /expr/ to
# match only one user.
mail.debug.sound/to=dilbert/ SunAudio E:/tbomb/sounds/JohnnyDollar.au
# This action sends email to dilbert when a daemon notice is logged.
daemon.notice.email \
mail.dilbert.com dilbert@dilbert.com "Syslog daemon.notice"
# This action causes all log messages to be appended to the file
# named "syslog.all.txt" on the "D:" drive on a PC.
*.*.file D:/syslog.all.txt
# This action causes all log messages to appear in the window
# named 'MAIN' defined above.
*.*.display MAIN
# This action causes all user critical messages to be forwarded
# to the appropriate host.
user.critical.forward support.domain.com 514
# This action will cause the jcvsdde program to run, which is
# a DDE utility that causes a Windows program to be activated.
user.notice.system \
D:\\bin\\jcvsdde.exe MSDEV System [open(\"D:\\logs\\critical.log\")]

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