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JBuilder - How do I set bookmarks in my files?

When using JBuilder, you can set bookmarks in your open files to easily move back-and-forth between these files. For example, suppose you have five files open at one time, but for a little while you just want to move back and forth between and Bookmarks let you do this. You set one bookmark in, and another bookmark in

Because you set bookmarks at specific line numbers, you also go right back to the same line each time you move back and forth.

Okay, so how do I set a bookmark?

JBuilder - How to see the method parameters

JBuilder FAQ: Is there a way I can see the parameters a Java method expects?

Yes, assuming that your cursor is position right after the opn parenthesis, type this magic keystroke:


You will see a list of parameters that the method accepts, and it will not disappear right away.

How did you know that?

I found it one day in the JBuilder menu system. I also heard it at the Borland Developer Conference.

How to modify the JBuilder classpath (by editing jbuilder.config)

I recently started creating a few OpenTools for JBuilder. One of the instructions you see when you first start creating an OpenTool is that you need to modify your JBuilder classpath during OpenTool development so the classpath includes the location of your OpenTool files. But, the instructions I found were for old versions of JBuilder (that were no longer valid), which leads to the question "How can I modify the JBuilder CLASSPATH to recognize the location of my custom class files?"

How to debug a JBuilder OpenTool in JBuilder X

Summary: This is a brief discussion about how to debug a JBuilder OpenTool. Debugging an OpenTool is not at all like debugging normal Java code, and a special technique is required, specifically starting one instance of JBuilder from an existing JBuilder environment. These notes apply to JBuilderX, and may not work for other versions.

How do I change the JBuilder Look and Feel?

Go to Tools | Preferences, and then when the resulting Preferences dialog shows up, choose Browser in the tree on the left hand side of the dialog, then Look & Feel. In the Look & Feel combo box on the right you can choose from the following options:

Java source code formatting in JBuilder

Don't like your curly braces at the end of the line? Rather have them on the next line? What about your block indentation, your else's, your while's, and your catch's, implements, extends, and throws? How about those import statements, and what about that line wrapping?

How to use JBuilder to manage your "to do" items

JBuilder has a nice feature that I've started using lately to track "to do" items. These are the places in my Java projects where I know that I need to fix or change something, but I just don't have the time to do it at the moment. So, what I do is create a "todo" Javadoc tag that I can use as both a reminder and a management tool. Here's how it works:

Hey, what are these template things in JBuilder?

Templates are code snippets that can be easily included in your Java code. The basic idea is that you type in a shortcut code, hit [Ctrl][J], and JBuilder fills in the remainder of the code. You type in a few characters, and JBuilder does the hard work for you.