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A JLabel tooltip example

Java JLabel FAQ: How do I set the help text (i.e., help text, balloon text, tooltip text) on a JLabel?

Just call the setToolTipText method on the JLabel. Here's a quick JLabel tooltip display example:

// create a label with tooltip help text
JLabel label = new JLabel("Username");
label.setToolTipText("Enter your username");

Use Quaqua to display a sheet in a Java Swing application on Mac OS X (Part 2)


The running program

The Quaqua JSheet effect is very nice, it works as advertised. My only problem with it currently is that it does something to distort the image when the JSheet is displayed. You can see this problem in the image shown below, where the coffee cup image that sits on top of the caution image does not look very good:

Quaqua JSheet - Display a sheet in a Java Swing application on Mac OS X

I'm always looking for ways to make my Java Swing applications on Mac OS X look more and more like native Mac applications, and when a co-worker mentioned the name Quaqua, I decided to take a look at that library/framework one more time. I had looked at it before, but this time, looking at it with a new mindset, I noticed it offers a JSheet implementation.

Java: How to handle drop events to your Mac OS X Dock icon (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this tutorial I shared the Java source code you need to handle drag and drop events on Mac OS X. But as I mentioned in that tutorial, the recipe to handle files that are dropped onto your Dock application icon requires a little more work, in particular an Ant build process that uses the JarBundler task. So here in Part 2 of this tutorial, I'm sharing my Ant build script that completes this recipe.

How to create and use a JScrollPane in a Java Swing application

Summary: A simple Java JScrollPane source code example.

When you're first learning how to use Java Swing components, like a JScrollPane it can be a little hard to figure out how to get started. To that end I am trying to share several complete Java source code examples that demonstrate how to work with components like these.

How to add stylesheet information to a JEditorPane

Did you know that you can use CSS styles when displaying HTML in a Java Swing application? It's pretty cool, and it can help spice up any simple HTML you may currently be showing in a Java-based editor or viewer. In this tutorial I'll share some source code that shows how this works.

Mac Java - Image drag and drop

Java Swing drag and drop FAQ: How do I get Java/Swing image drag and drop working on Mac OS X?

I've been working on several new Swing applications for Mac OS X recently, and most of these applications include features like image processing, copy and paste clipboard interaction, and in today's example, dealing with drag and drop events on the Mac.