Peyton Manning making his free agent decision

Several good quotes from this article about Peyton Manning making his free agent decision:

(1) “I don’t know what to do. What does a free agent do?” (Peyton Manning)

(2) “Remember the Patton principle: Make a decision and do it like hell.” (David Cutcliffe to Manning)

(3) It was getting down to decision time. “These are not math problems,” Cutcliffe told Manning, “they don't have single right answers.”

(4) On Saturday night Manning called Dungy to discuss the pros and cons of the three finalists: Denver, Arizona, Tennessee. Then he asked, “Are there any other things I should be thinking about?”

Said Dungy, “I told him it's never going to be 100%. He had so many good choices, it’s going to be 51/49, or maybe 50/50, and then it just comes down to a gut feeling. I told him what [Hall of Fame coach] Chuck Noll told me a long time ago: When you’re making an important life decision, make sure it’s without regard to money, title or position. Make sure it’s about who you’re going to be working with and how much you’ll enjoy being there.”