The Ammonite REPL logs number of times it starts and commands are run

I love, love, love the work Li Haoyi has done in the Scala community; he’s using the heck out of Scala to create some great tools. I just started using his Ammonite REPL again, and as I was trying to figure out if there was a “help” command from inside the Ammonite REPL, I came across this Reddit post that states that Ammonite logs the number of times it starts and commands are run. (From that wording I don’t know if that means “number of times it starts and number of commands that are run,” or if it means that if you start it and run one command, that one instance is logged remotely.)

It turns out that is true, and you can disable that behavior with a command-line argument. When I typed amm -help, I found this:

--no-remote-logging  Disable remote logging of 
                     the number of times a REPL
                     starts and runs commands

If you like privacy, this seems to be an easy situation to remedy. For instance, you can create an alias like this:

alias ammo="amm --no-remote-logging"

and then start Ammonite with that ammo alias rather than the amm command. You can also clone the code from the Ammonite Github repository, completely remove that logging source code, and build Ammonite yourself, if you prefer.