An ESPN article on the Cubs and Red Sox stockpiling position players

This photo is from an ESPN Magazine article about the Cubs and Red Sox stockpiling position players. The article ends with this quote: “Boston’s lineup is a joke,” a rival general manager told me, meaning that as a compliment, “and if you were picking a team to win multiple World Series in the immediate future, you’d pick the Cubs. They can be that good.”

Walking on a Colorad trail on a rainy day, happily thinking of Alaska

I was walking along a quiet trail here in Colorado this morning. It was raining pretty hard, but I was happy because a) I wasn’t in the hospital, b) I wasn’t in pain, and c) it reminded me of walking through a forest in Alaska on a rainy day. So I’m pretty happy with life, just kind of smiling on the inside, and then some guy walks by and he looks really unhappy, and says, “Miserable day, huh?” It’s all a matter of perspective.

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