Thickness of Saturn's rings

This is pretty crazy. That thickness is about the width of my current apartment. (Image from this Twitter post.)

Update: This information from is a little more accurate: “Saturn's rings are incredibly thin. The main rings are generally only about 30 feet (10 meters) thick, though parts of the main and other rings can be several kilometers thick.”

Dr. Rick Perea - Focus on process, not the end result (to eliminate stress in performance)

There’s a guy here in Colorado named Dr. Rick Perea (who has this business coaching website), and he usually talks on the radio about handling pressure and succeeding. Today he said a few goog things about winning, including “Don’t focus on the result, focus on the process.” The idea is that of course you want to win a game if you’re playing a sport, but focusing on the desire to win causes stress, and focusing on the process of what is needed to succeed is what will actually get you the win.

As an example, when I pitched in high school, I could want to win as much as possible, but if I didn’t focus on throwing my pitches to the right spots and mixing them up well, all that desire would have been for naught.

Subaru marketing and branding

I’ve become a fan of Subaru’s marketing/branding since buying my car last year. Unlike other auto makers who seem to be like, “Hey, you bought one of our cars, good luck with that,” Subaru comes right at you and says, “Hey, Al, you’re one of the Subaru family now. Here are some nice initial discounts on accessories and service, your first oil change is on us, and we’re going to stay in touch with you through our ‘drive’ magazine about what other people are doing with their Subarus, great trips to take, and oh yeah, some new car stuff as well.” They also send some mailers on a consistent basis to remind you that you own a Subaru. I’m not expressing it well, but they do a good job of welcoming you to the family — whether you think you want to be in that family, or not.

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