NASA may have accidentally created a warp field

According to this article on, NASA scientists may have accidentally created a warp field. As they state in the article, “When lasers were fired through the EmDrive’s resonance chamber, it measured significant variances and, more importantly, found that some of the beams appeared to travel faster than the speed of light.” However, it’s possible that the effect that was seen was due to atmospheric heating, so the test now needs to be performed in a vacuum. (For the details, there’s a long Q&A thread running at

Lower gas prices affecting electric vehicle trade-ins

Just saw this in my inbox from Seeking Alpha: a) 22% of hybrid and electric car owners making a trade-in this year opted to go for a SUV, according to data from; b) the mark stood at 18.8% a year ago and 11.9% three years ago; c) the rate at which hybrid and EV car owners bought another green car fell below 50%; d) connects the dots to conclude that the level of gas prices in the U.S. was a primary factor in the trade-in trend; e) the break-even point for higher-priced EVs lengthens as gas prices fall; f) automobile industry analysts think the trend could snap back just as quick with an energy market shock.

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