A Perl “write to file” example

Perl write to file FAQ: Can you demonstrate an example of how to write to a file in Perl?

Somehow I managed to go all these years without showing a simple Perl "write to file" example. Let's fix that.

Perl “write to file” example

Here's a short snippet of code that shows how to write to a file in Perl:

# somewhere earlier in the code I define my filename ...
my $outfile = 'footer.html';

# here i 'open' the file, saying i want to write to it with the '>>' symbol
open (FILE, ">> $outfile") || die "problem opening $outfile\n";

# here i print a plain text line to the file
print FILE "<div align=\"center\">\n\n";

# write an array of lines to the file here
print FILE @lines1;

# print another plain text line to the file
print FILE "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;\n\n";

# write a second array of lines to the file
print FILE @lines2;

# print a closing div tag to the file
print FILE "</div>\n";

# i close the file when there's nothing else i want to write to it

Perl write to file - discussion

As you can see in this Perl write to file example, this code writes its output to a file named "footer.html". Note that the Perl print statements shown here are very similar to normal Perl print statements, except I precede the text that is printed with the Perl filehandle name (named "FILE" in this example).

I also print two arrays to this output file in this example. FWIW, I create those arrays by reading from two input files, like this:

open (F1, $randomFile1);
my @lines1 = <F1>;
close (F1);

As you might guess by looking at the code, $randomFile1 is the name of an input file that I've chosen at random from a directory that contains a collection of files.

Perl write to file - Summary

While this Perl write to file example may not seem like much, I use code like this display random ads in the footer section of "Java Warehouse" pages like this one.

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