My most listened to songs of 2012

With the end of every year I like to take a little time to look back, and for the last few years I've been noting which songs I listened to most during the previous year. This is my list of the songs I played most during 2012.

The list is a little skewed, because in my world there's Guns 'n Roses, Godsmack, The Dixie Chicks, The Cranberries, and then everyone else. So, in the "Everyone Else" list, here are my most listened to songs of 2012. The Top 5 are shown at the bottom.

Most Listened to Songs in 2012 (No Special Order)

  • White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
  • Use Me - Bill Withers
  • Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
  • Love Bites - Def Leppard
  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
  • Someone Like You - Adele
  • Guilty - Barbra Streisand
  • Going to California - Led Zeppelin
  • What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
  • Imaginary - Evanescence

In some cases, like Machinehead and Relax, I rediscovered old songs I had forgotten about. In the case of White Rabbit, that was my most-played song of 2011, and I've slowly been listening to it a little less. With Duchess, I stumbled onto it while driving through New Mexico, and I enjoy listening to it while driving around the country.

Top 5 Most Listened To Songs in 2012

Here are my most-listened to songs in 2012:

  1. Grace - Jeff Buckley
  2. Like The Way I Do - Melissa Etheridge
  3. Silent Lucidity - Queensryche
  4. Sightlines - Dujeous
  5. Old Man - Neil Young

The last song listed, Old Man, by Neil Young, was #1., Sightlines was #2, etc.

For what seemed like weeks or months, I played Old Man or Silent Lucidity on YouTube every night while brushing my teeth. Sightlines was far and away my favorite song to listen to while working, in particular during the design process on several projects.

(FWIW, I do listen to a few modern songs. Skyfall by Adele is currently my favorite song.)