(blog) I can’t recommend living at the Terracina apartments in Broomfield, Colorado (2019)

I’ve lived at the Terracina apartments in Broomfield, Colorado since 2014. Until last October (2018) it was a great place to live. Unfortunately in that month, two bad things happened:

  • The apartment complex was sold to new owners
  • A neighbor moved into the apartment beneath me, and he’s ridiculously loud

It’s currently April, 2019, and I’ve complained about him at least ten times so far, and nothing has changed. Well, one thing changed: he started playing his music even louder. He still plays his thump-thump-thump music so loud that as I write this, the floor is vibrating beneath my feet. The floor vibrates, the kitchen range rattles, and I’ve even had pictures on shelves fall over.

On Wednesday of this week a woman who recently started working at the apartment complex came to my apartment, and she seems nice. Other people in the office told me that they would be coming over to check some things in my apartment — such as to measure the size of the rooms to verify the apartment size — but that was a ruse. She really came to tell me that if I wanted to stay here the rent is going up significantly, and they’re also going to start charging $45/month for parking in the parking garage. So I told her about this noisy neighbor, and that there was no way I was going to stay here with this kind of noise, and indeed, I’m already about 30% packed and ready to leave. She said she’d check into it.

She went downstairs after she talked to me, and on Wednesday night things were relatively quiet, just a mild rumble. So I thought maybe finally something was being done about this. Then last night the thumping music started at 5:50pm, and lasted until nearly 9pm. So I texted the new woman with the apartment complex to tell her about it.

Terracina: There’s nothing we can do about the noise

Today the apartment complex management finally told me the truth, that there’s nothing they can do about this noise because — no matter how loud it is — it doesn’t happen during quiet hours, which are 10pm to 10am. Apparently there’s nothing in their contracts to limit how much noise tenants can make between 10am and 10pm.

So today the music has been at a mild rumble, and just now, at 7:30pm, the same thump-thump-thump music just started again at 7:30pm.

Recommend living at Terracina?

So if you want to ask me if I recommend living at the Terracina apartments in Broomfield, right now I will say that I highly recommend looking somewhere else. Other things I’d say about the complex are:

  • The exercise room is often very cold
  • The previous owners cleaned the exercise room daily, but I noticed that the same used towels have been in one area of the exercise room for almost two weeks now, and I’ve only seen it cleaned once
  • The sidewalks and walkways are very dirty
  • They’ve had several problems with garbage collection since the new owners took over

I also just looked at their website, and I don’t see any way for me to leave a review there, so I don’t know where those reviews are coming from.

In summary, I guess I can look past a lot of things as growing pains under the new ownership, but be warned that you can have a nice apartment with a nice view, but if you end up with a horribly loud neighbor who makes it impossible to live here, apparently there’s nothing the management can (or will) do about it if the noise is between 10am and 10pm.

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