Karma means action, and you are your own master

“Karma means action and action motivated by compassion is good. To complain that what happens to you is just the result of your karma is lazy. Instead, confidently recalling the advice that, ‘You are your own master,’ you can change what happens by taking action.”

~ the Dalai Lama, on this Facebook page

If the Houston Astros want to do the right thing ...

If the Houston Astros want to do the right thing, they should just tell opposing batters what pitch is coming. For every at-bat during the season. If they can win the World Series that way, more power to them.

Sometimes dreams teach us things

It seems like sometimes dreams exist to teach us things. Last night there was a very long dream sequence in which a deceased relative was a raging alcoholic. At one point I had to help him off the floor, and when I touched him I instantly saw what he had seen, and felt what he was feeling. It was like 100% empathy for that person. I immediately felt, “Wow, if I had been through these things I might be in the same shape myself,” so rather than feeling pity for him I felt empathy. I got him up into a chair and said, “Talk to me.” He tried to brush me off, but when I told him what I had seen and felt he began weeping and I hugged him for a while.

The one good thing about chest pain alvin February 12, 2020 - 9:50am

The one good thing about the chest pain due to pericarditis is that I’ve never meditated as hard and consistently as I am right now.

“Rare disease makes woman allergic to everything, including her husband”

In honor of Rare Disease Day (February 28th), here’s  a story about a woman who has a more severe form of the illness/disease I have. A few quotes:

“Johanna Watkins, 30, is allergic to almost everything and everyone, including her husband Scott, 29. She’s been diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome, a rare and progressive immunological condition.”

“She has a list of 15 foods she can eat and that’s it. Even those foods make her feel ill, it’s just that they don’t kill her. She’s eaten the same two meals for two years.”

Update: In 2016 Johanna wrote this article, What I’ve learned being isolated and allergic to everything.

(The image is from the story.)

Better off being single ...

Here's a brief message for married people stuck in lousy marriages. One thing I learned about marriage is that it’s about teamwork, and if one partner isn’t part of that team — or doesn’t appreciate the other person — it’s no marriage at all, it’s just two people sharing bank accounts and living quarters. I strongly believe that a marriage partner should be someone who builds you up, not one who tears you down.

(I was reminded of that when I saw this image on Facebook today.)