Minding your mitochondria

Cliffnotes of this “Minding Your Mitochondria” TEDx talk:

- A doctor had a very active lifestyle
- She found out she had MS
- She quickly got worse and had to be in a wheelchair
- Things got worse, and she had to be in a zero-gravity chair
- The best modern medicines weren’t helping
- She started researching how to “care for her mitochondria”
- She started eating foods to support her mitochondria
- Three months later she was walking
- Two months after that she was riding a bike, horse-riding, etc.
- Five years later and she’s still walking

Morals: The food you eat has a dramatic effect on your health, and eating well can often be more important than medicine.

Lucid dream: A strange bed and a Cinnabon

I woke up on the left side of a king size bed this morning. It wasn’t my bed, but I was blanketed in a thick, soft comforter, which felt wonderful. I looked around briefly. Wherever I was, the room seemed very nice. It was light outside.

As my other senses came to me, I realized that what woke me up was a strange woman standing on the right side of the bed, yelling at me. She wanted to know where I got the warm Cinnabon that was on the nightstand next to me. More accurately, she rather forcefully wanted to know if someone brought that for me, and if so, who.

Stay Or Leave, by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

Today’s song of the day is Stay Or Leave, by Dave Matthews (and Tim Reynolds). The lyrics are a little bit of a downer, but it’s one of my favorite Dave Matthews songs.

Song of the Day: When the Going Gets Tough, Billy Ocean

You can’t choose your family, but ... over the years I’ve had a few friends ask how to know if they should marry so and so. My answer: You have to see how the other person behaves when things get tough. How do they act when you have no money, or a lot of money? How about illness in the family, or bad times at work? “Being in love” with someone when everything is going well is easy, but what happens when things are bad? That’s when a person’s true character really shows.

To that end, the song of the day is, “When The Going Gets Tough,” by Billy Ocean:

Longmire: The whole idea is to force people out of their comfort zones

Walt: “Cheyenne man who lives in the area. Cheyenne call him a ‘Contrary Warrior.’ He does the opposite of what you expect.”

Deputy Moretti: “Why?”

Walt: “The whole idea is to force people out of their comfort zones, make them examine their beliefs.”

Deputy: “That’s annoying.”