Java HTTP example - Reading and writing to an HTTP server

Suppose you're asked to create a Java applet that needs to communicate back to a web server (i.e., an HTTP server), but you're given several restrictions.  What kind of restrictions?  Suppose you're told that sockets, JDBC, and most every other cool communication technology was outlawed.  What will you do?

Java applet example - get applet parameters from an HTML file


Many times when you're developing a Java applet, you want to pass parameters from an HTML page to the applet you're invoking. For instance, you may want to tell the applet what background color it should use, or what font to use, to keep your Java applet consistent with the rest of your HTML-based web site.

A Java applet sound example

We all know that multimedia, used properly, can make any web site more entertaining. In this applet tutorial, we'll present a brief example of a Java applet that plays a sound file when it is downloaded. The compiled applet class file is very small - only 559 bytes - and can be downloaded quickly into a user's web browser.

A Java FTP applet; LaTeX tip for multiline comments (Jul 23, 2004) alvin July 23, 2004 - 3:43pm

Here's a link to an "FTP applet" (named "U-Upload") a company is selling. The applet can serve as an FTP client for your customers. This may help solve a problem that we have with an existing client.

I also created a quick tip that shows how to create multine comments in LaTeX documents. I found out how to do that today, and it's extremely useful.