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Think about it: Who do you buy from?

“If you speak and act with a pure mind, happiness will follow you,
as a shadow clings to a form.”


I’ll start this Sales section of the book just as I started the Consulting section: In my opinion, the most important part of sales is trust. If you’re trying to sell me something, especially a service, the first question in my mind is, “Do I trust this person?”

Before reading any further, think about the people you’ve bought a service from before:

Scala: Deeper XML parsing, and extracting XML tag attributes

Problem: You need to perform deep XML searches, combining the \ and \\ methods, and possibly searching directly for tag attributes.


Combine the \\ and \ methods as needed to search the XML. When you need to extract tag attributes, place an @ character before the attribute name.

Given this simplified version of the Yahoo Weather RSS Feed:

How to extract data from XML nodes in Scala

Problem: In a Scala application, you want to extract information from XML you receive, so you can use the data in your application.


Use the methods of the Scala Elem and NodeSeq classes to extract the data. The most commonly used methods of the Elem class are shown here:

OpenSSO and PHP - A simple PHP script to retrieve OpenSSO identity information

Here's a simple PHP program I wrote to test how PHP works with OpenSSO, specifically how it works with OpenSSO identity information.

I saved this file with the name info.php, then put it in a directory on my Apache web server that is protected by an OpenSSO login policy. To access this page, I enter the URL for the page in my browser and try to access it, with the URL being something like this:

What an employer looks for in an employee

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