MySQL backup - How to backup a MySQL database

MySQL backup FAQ: How do I backup a MySQL database?

I can't speak about backing up MySQL databases that are modified twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, but on all the MySQL databases I currently work with, there are always times when I can guarantee that there won't be any SQL INSERTs, DELETEs, or UPDATEs occurring, so I find it's really easy to perform a MySQL backup using the mysqldump utility program. Here's how it works.

mysqldump command - how to dump (backup) a MySQL database

MySQL backup FAQ - How do I backup/dump a MySQL database schema?

Answer: Use the mysqldump database utility.

MySQL dump examples using the mysqldump utility

On a DOS/Windows pc with no name/password protection, you can dump a database named my_db with the following command, but don't do this just yet:

mysqldump my_db

Note that this gets you not only the database schema, but also the current data in the table.

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