Restart Mac OS X networking (AirPort) from the Mac command line

It looks like there may be a couple of ways to restart Mac networking -- AirPort to be specific -- from the Mac command line. The first is the old-school approach of using the ifconfig command. This command shuts down the en0 or en1 interface, which is typically the AirPort wireless interface. On my MacBook Air it's en0, so I'll show that here:

sudo ifconfig en0 down

You bring it back up/online in the same way:

iPhone "Slide for Emergency" and "Activated" error messages

I'm not sure what I keep doing, but every once in a while when I turn on my iPhone 3G (after turning it off completely, i.e., a restart/reboot) I see a couple of different weird "error" messages. The first error message says, "Slide for emergency", and looks like this:

How to control your music without unlocking your iPhone

I just learned by accident today how to control the iPod portion of your iPhone without turning the iPhone on. With your iPhone off, just double-click the Home button, and a visual control comes on screen that lets you play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and control the volume of your iPod music, with no need to slide the unlock bar on your iPhone.