IQ is not EQ

One of the things you have to remember when working with human beings is that IQ is not the same as EQ, and they’re rarely equal. Some people have a horrible temper. One guy I know is smart, but he remains the biggest jerk I’ve ever met.

I remember hearing one time that when people are hurt in their childhood or teen years they stop developing emotionally at that point. So if they are somehow hurt when they are twelve years old, they can be thirty years old physically but only twelve emotionally. I don’t know if that’s 100% true, but it seems like it in some cases I know. (And the hard thing is that these people don’t know that they have these problems.)

Other people have to be who they are

It’s a bit of a riddle, but other people in your life have to be who they are so you can be(come) who you are.

Some people come into your life and change it forever

Some people come into your life and even if they don't stay in it for long, they make an impact that changes you forever. Happy birthday to two people today (November 19th), one who made my life miserable, and another who made it wonderful.

The most important lesson I learned from aimlessly wandering around

Probably the most important lesson I learned from aimlessly wandering around for five years is that if you treat complete strangers as brothers and sisters that you’re meeting for the first time, the world magically becomes a better place.

Broken people, secret gardens

There’s a woman I know that I really like, but whenever I communicate with her I get the sense that she’s also a little “broken” ... that there’s something there that she wants or needs to talk about, but she can’t. It’s hard to describe, but I always end up thinking, “I’d really like to get to know her, but she won’t (or can’t) let me in.”

I don’t know how to help her, so my current plan is to just try to keep the lines of communication open, and most importantly, to try to be a good listener, and then maybe one day she’ll let me in.